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Suzuki Swift GT Chip Installation

For installing a chip on your GTi ecu, just follow the following instructions: Start out by locating the engine computer on your car. It is located under the driver’s side dash panel. You will need to...


Chipping a VW Jetta ECU

To install a performance chip on a VW Jetta, Golf or Passat ECM, first locate and uninstall the ecu from your car. The location of the ECM in most models is on the engine compartment, below...


Dual Performance Chips

Many performance enthusiast, must have heard or read about dual chips. Dual chips are chips that their memory capacity doubles the memory capacity of the original chip, so two different, same size programs can be written...


Installing a Honda P28 ecu chip

How to install a P28 chip. While this covers the Honda P28 ECM, the USDM version (US Domestic Market), the procedure is the same for almost all 1992-1995 (OBD-I) Civic and Integra ECMs. The circuits of...


What are Performance Chips

Racing or performance chips, What are they? Chips are EPROM memory chips, which contain a program for running the engine computer. Performance chips are the same chips, but with changes made in parts of that program...