Suzuki Swift GT Chip Installation

For installing a chip on your GTi ecu, just follow the following instructions:

Start out by locating the engine computer on your car. It is located under the driver’s side dash panel. You will need to remove the bolts that are attaching the ECM on its place, then carefully pull out the ecu connector by pressing the locking plastic clips on it. See the drawing below for reference on locating the ecu:

Once the ECM computer is out, remove the top cover by taking out the 4 long bolts that secure its metal covers. Now, remove the 6 bolts that hold the top circuit board. You will notice them as soon as you remove the top cover. The picture below will show the location of the 6 bolts that need to be removed.

DO NOT pull the board up yet! Please, first notice that this board is attached to the bottom board with a flexible ribbon. Flip out the top board very carefully, not to brake the flexible ribbon. Look at the following picture so you have an idea of the attaching ribbon location:

Now, the chip to be replaced, is on the top board and will be covered with a silver colored label or sticker. First, notice the orientation of Pin #1. Write it down if necessary, where pin #1 is located, as pin #1 of the new chip must be installed in the same orientation.

Very carefully, not to damage the circuit by overheating, desolder the chip and then clean up the excess solder and flux in the circuit board. For excess solder you may use desoldering braid and for flux you may use isopropyl alcohol.

Now a 28-pin DIL socket must be inserted and soldered, but before you do, you should revise the area for broken copper traces, solder bridges and any other potential problem. Solder a 28-pin DIL socket in the place the chip was and then insert the chip in the socket, aligning it in the same way the previous chip was installed. Do this by aligning all the pins of the chip into their corresponding holes on the socket and firmly pressing down the chip.

It will help if the mark for pin#1 in the socket is pointing to the mark of pin#1 in the circuit board. That way, it can be used as reference when swapping chips later.

When done, put back the circuit board and the computer top cover and reinstall the ECM computer in the car. Make sure that the connector harnesses snaps in place all the way in when you push it in. Otherwise, some wires might not connect properly causing problems.

A word of caution when using performance chips, as there are many sellers offering low quality chips or doing false claims. For example, a chip that we saw on a famous online market, stated that it worked on 89-95 models, which is simply not true. Some chips work on the 1989-1991 models, while some others work in the 1992-1994 models. The chip below, works on 1989 to 1994 models and brings a nice extra punch to your engine.

Suzuki Swift GTi Performance Rally chip

Once you test one of the chips sold in the link above, you won’t want to drive your car without it ever again!

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    yay finally a site tht has a detailed install for gti chips woot!!! thx very much for the write up helped me heaps with my new stage 3 chip 😀 2nd fastest gti in aus mwahahaha lol

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