honda accord timing marks

Honda Stock Ignition Timing

When installing a performance chip in cars that use an ignition distributor, since the chip program is based on stock settings, it is required that the ignition distributor is at the stock ignition advance setting. Many times, it happens that car owners have previously done a manual timing advance on the distributor, in an attempt of getting more power out of the engine. This must be corrected by putting the distributor back to the stock setting before installing a performance chip. Otherwise, ignition timing electronically controlled by the chip will add up to the already advanced setting of the ignition distributor, resulting in an ignition timing way too advanced, producing engine knocking and possibly engine failure, especially at high engine speeds.

The following stock ignition settings are for Honda cars where performance chips are often installed.


92-95 Civic EX (P28 Chip, D16Z6 1.6 L SOHC VTEC Engine) and 92-95 Civic DX (P06 Chip, D15B7 1.5L SOHC Engine)

Degrees BTDC @RPM Automatic @ RPM Manual
16° 650-750 620-720


92-95 Civic CX (P05 Chip, D15B8 1.5L SOHC Engine)

Degrees BTDC @RPM Automatic @ RPM Manual
12° 650-750 620-720


94-95 Civic Del Sol (P30 Chip, B16A3 1.6L DOHC VTEC Engine)

Degrees BTDC @RPM Automatic @ RPM Manual
16° 650-750 620-720


All 94-95 Accord EX/LX (P0A, P0B Chips, F22 2.2L Engine)

Degrees BTDC @RPM Automatic @ RPM Manual
13°-17° 650-750 620-720


All 93-94 Prelude S/Si (P12, P13, P14 Chips, H22, H23 2.2L/2.3L Engines)

Degrees BTDC @RPM Automatic @ RPM Manual
13°-17° 650-750 620-720


93-95 Honda Prelude Ignition Timing Adjustment

For doing the ignition distributor adjustment on Prelude, you will need a timing light. The car must first be warmed up until the fan turns on. Timing marks are exposed by removing the rubber cap from the inspection window on the cylinder block, by the bell housing. Also, the ignition timing check connector must be jumped. It is located under the center of the dash. See the drawing below for its location.


Honda OBD-I diagnostic jumper 2


Connect a jumper wire between the Blue/White and Brown/White wire terminals.

To adjust timing, loosen the distributor hold-down bolts and turn distributor housing counter-clockwise to advance or clockwise to retard timing. Align the pointer with the Red timing mark.

When the job is done, tighten the distributor bolts to 16 ft. lbs. (22 N.m). and recheck timing.

If it is all OK, remove the jumper from the ignition timing check connector. Reinstall the cap into the inspection window on the cylinder block.

94-95 Honda Accord Ignition Timing Adjustment

Adjustment for the Honda Accord is similar to the Prelude described above, with the exception that timing marks are located on the timing belt cover itself and the service connector is located under the glove compartment, as shown below:


Honda OBD-I service connector


92-95 Civic Ignition Timing Adjustment

The Civic procedure is no different from the two above. Like in the Honda Accord, ignition timing marks are located on the timing belt cover itself. The ignition check connector is located on the right side (passenger’s side) kick panel, near the ECU. Check the drawing below for location:


Honda OBD-I diagnostic jumper


These are the timing marks on the 1992 – 1995 Honda Accord:


honda accord timing marks

Timing Marks on 93-95 Honda Accord


On the picture above, the red mark is 15 degrees BTDC, while the white mark is TDC (0 degrees BTDC). If colors are faded, you may clean the area from dirt and/or grease and highlight each with white and red chalk, so it shines through the timing light. Remember that the last mark at the right should be the white one (TDC).


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