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About Us - Me

Hello, my name is Richard and I am a general electronics and computer technician, with vast knowledge and experience on automotive technology, electronic circuit design, web page building, computer programming and domestic equipment servicing.

I own local state technician license, Comptia A+ certification and FCC General Radio Operator’s License (GROL).

This is my personal blog and I work doing the communications and web mastering of guys at OtherDeal.com. I love to share and exchange technical information and ideas on topics like autos, all the branches of electronics (robotics, lasers, telecommunications, power, etc.) and science in general.

The information I provide here in this website is partially publicly spread by other parties and partially based on my own experience.  On either case, I give faith that it is accurate and correct.  Thank you very much for your visit to my blog.

If you have questions about any of the discussed topics, please ask them here publicly so others can benefit of the information. Use the contact form only for private communications that you don’t want to publish. I am sorry, but topic questions will not be replied by email. Please, ask them in the topic’s page.