2001-2005 Toyota Rav4 ECM Repair Service


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2001-2005 Toyota Rav4 ECM Repair Service

Do you own a 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 or 2005 Toyota Rav4?


Are you having problems with the automatic transmission? The transmission acts erratically? Loss of power when accelerating or launching in other than first gear? Engaging very harsh in reverse? Slipping from 2nd to 3rd gear?


All those are problems caused by a defective ECM or Engine Control Module, a.k.a “Car Computer”.


The good news is that we have a solution for getting rid of the problem for good.


We are offering a REPAIR AND RETURN service for your Toyota Rav4 ECM (ECU). You send us your defective ECM, we repair and reprogram it and then it is shipped back to you. Our turn around time is one business day for most of the times or 2 business days when the workload is high. International orders are welcome too.



We offer FREE return shipping through USPS Priority Mail to continental USA, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, American Samoa and US Virgin Islands. For international locations, return shipping cost will be calculated for FedEx shipping service. Return shipment to Canada can be served by USPS too, but unfortunately, we have no free options for it. We recommend FedEx for Canada though.


This is affecting more than a million units all around the world. It is so common that Toyota issued an “enhanced warranty” on this, which is long expired now.


This service covers 4WD Rav4 and 2WD Rav4 automatic vehicles. It also covers the Toyota Picnic and Toyota Avensis models of the same years (2001-2005).



We always stand by our customers. For our warranty on this service, please check the “Warranty” tab on this page.


Tampered Units


Did you already service your ECM with any other shop or Company and they could not fix it? or, did you try fixing it yourself following any video and realized that it does not work? No worries, we accept those units too. ECMs that have been serviced previously by other shops or units attempted to be repaired by yourself, may take a little more time because in some cases, we need to fix additional problems induced by any previous repair attempt, but we will gladly accept your unit and do our best to help.

Wouldn’t it be better if the ECM is replaced by a new one?

New or used (recycled) ECMs are giving the same problems, some in the long run and others in a few months. Also, the repair cost of the ECM is much less than the cost of a brand new replacement ECM. We offer the most complete service on these units, as we cover the whole unit, not just the transmission problem and not just the symptom of the problem, but the cause of the problem too.




The following are the most common symptoms of this issue with the ECM:

  • Check engine is not triggered in most cases
  • When Check engine is triggered, it commonly shows P0750, P0753, P0755, P0758 and/or P1760 trouble codes when scanned
  • Hesitation or harsh shifting, mostly from 2nd to 3rd gears
  • Slams into gear when putting it in reverse
  • Sometimes it feels like braking by itself
  • Erratically shifts on an intermittent interval
  • Rattling or clicking noise coming from the engine bay when the engine is running, even if in neutral gear
  • Some days fails and some days works with no issues
  • The problem is there only when the engine gets warm or only when it is started the first time in the morning
  • When stopping completely and moving again, it loses power and feels sluggish or heavy
  • Lower fuel economy. Spends more gas than usual


ECM Part Numbers


This is a partial list of the ECM part numbers affected. You will find the part number on the label at the top of your ECM. It starts with “89661”. Not all numbers are covered here, so if you don’t see your ECM number in the table below or if you are in doubt if your ECM is part of that list, please feel free to contact us to ask.


89661-42620 89661-42621 89661-42622 89661-42650 89661-42651
89661-42652 89661-42653 89661-42654 89661-42660 89661-42661
89661-42662 89661-42663 89661-42664 89661-42680 89661-42681
89661-42682 89661-42683 89661-42700 89661-42701 89661-42702
89661-42720 89661-42760 89661-42761 89661-42810 89661-42811
89661-42812 89661-42820 89661-42821 89661-42822 89661-42840
89661-42880 89661-42890 89661-42A30 89661-42A31 89661-42A50
89661-42A80 89661-42A90 89661-42A91 89661-42A92 89661-42B00
89661-42B01 89661-42B40 89661-42B80 89661-42B90 89661-44250
89661-44270 89661-44271 89661-44272 89661-44290 89666-28140
04009-39142 04009-39242 04009-39542 04009-39643 04009-41242
04009-41342 30510-42100-84 30510-42110-84


ECM Location

2001-2003 toyota rav4 ecm location


Removing the ECM from your vehicle:

Tools you will need:

  • Short #2 Phillips screwdriver (stubby)
  • Regular #2 Phillips screwdriver
  • 10MM Socket Wrench
  • Flashlight.

The kick panel and the scuff plate should be removed first, before starting the ECM removal procedure (check the first drawing below).

Now, proceed to:

1. Open the glove compartment box. There are two plastic pins, limiting its opening, one on each side at the inner end of the box. Push the two inner edges inwards, so the glove box gets disengaged from its place.

2. Now, with the regular Phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws in the lower part, that are holding the glove box to the dash.

3. With the glove box completely out, find the ECM computer at the right, which is a metallic box with 5 wiring connectors on it. It is near a smaller metallic box.

4. Unplug the 5 white wiring connectors one by one, by pushing on a locking plastic clip that each connector have while pulling the harness out at the same time.

5. With the 10mm socket wrench, remove the 10mm head bolt that attaches the ECM to the bracket at the lower part (refer to the second drawing below) and with the short Phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws at the top.

You might need a flashlight here to easily find those two upper screws and you might also need to move away any wiring away that might be in the path for taking the ECM out.

6. When the ECM is loose, carefully slide it downwards. It will come out with the rear bracket attached to it, so when it is out, remove the four Phillips screws as shown in the second picture below.

That’s it. You may pack it in a small box and send it to us!

rav4 ecm removal 1


rav4 ecm removal 2





If you have questions about this service, or the warranty we offer, or about shipment or if you need assistance, please feel free to contact us any time through the contact form on this page. We will be more than glad to help.


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Follow Updates

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 9.5 × 2.5 in
Service Type

Repair Service


Toyota Rav4, Toyota Picnic, Toyota Avensis. All 2WD and 4WD automatic.


2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005


ECM (Engine Control Module) (ECU)



Instructions Included




The included warranty term (stated at the top of this page) covers the job done in the ECM and any parts replaced. In the rare event that the ECM fails again, showing the same or similar problems as before, we will consult the customer about the symptoms and if the ECM is suspected to be the culprit, it will be taken back for service at no cost for the job or parts.


While the job would be done at no cost and needed parts would not be charged in the period covered by the warranty term, inbound and outbound shipping costs will depend on the case, as explained below.


Shipping coverage


A. If a claim is filed anytime within the warranty period and the problem is caused by something we did wrong (errors or mistakes in the repair process), if it happens in the first 30 days of the warranty period, we will cover both ways shipping. If it happens after the first 30 days of the warranty period, then we could only cover return shipping (from our location to the customer’s location).


B-1. If the claim is filed within the warranty period and it was not our fault, for example, a different part or different circuit is damaged this time and it was not caused by our previous intervention with the ECM, or (B-2) the same part is damaged, but because of an external cause**, then we will still cover the job and parts, but the customer would need to cover both ways shipping.


**Definition of “External Causes”


1. The ECM was soaked in water or any other liquid.


2. The ECM fell from a considerable height or was hit hard (ex. an accident), causing internal damages to the circuit.


3. Short circuit in the vehicle’s wiring or problems with the electrical system of the vehicle.


4. Battery polarity reversed.


5. The ECM was used in an application that it is not intended for (different car or different setup).


6. The ECM was tampered with, either by opening it or by connecting wires to the ECM’s terminals other than the ECM’s wiring harness.


7. The use of piggybacks – External modules connected to the ECM terminals in order to modify the received signals (mostly done for engine performance).


8. Broken warranty seals indication tampering.


Follow Updates

Follow Updates

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  1. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful
    James B.

    Rated 5 out of 5

    James B.

    I have been driving my 2003 Rav4 for a couple days now and could not be happier with your services. I was only on my second tank of gas since purchasing it when i discovered it had shifting issues. My cars symptoms were very occasional. Sometimes a slightly harsh shift from 2nd to third. A few times it started out from a stop in a higher gear. Twice i noticed extreme slippage when shifting into 3rd. So I parked it and found you on the web.

    The car now shifts perfect in every situation. I had an occasional low, slightly rough idle which i did not realize initially was related to the ecm and that is fixed too. It seems I caught it early enough before it damaged the transmission so all looks good.

    I also have to mention i was impressed with your professionalism as far as communication and how quickly you turned it around and got it back to me.

    Everything as advertised!

    Thank You,

    James B.

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  2. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful

    Rated 5 out of 5
    2001 Rav4 ECU Repair - Philippines


    I would like to thank Sir Richard for doing a superb job in giving my car’s computer box a second life. He answers my emails everytime and is very nice. Now, my car runs as smooth as new. Im glad that i sent the ecu to him and not anywhere else and be ripped off. Thank you so so much sir richard for a geat great job.

    (2) (0)

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    • zilog357


      Thank you Donna. It was a pleasure doing business with you 🙂

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  3. One person found this helpful

    Rated 5 out of 5
    Great service

    Virgil (verified owner)

    Service was very fast and they did a great job. They repaired my ECU and i got it back working great! They gave my Rav4 a second life. Highly recommend them

    (1) (0)

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  4. One person found this helpful
    Clarisse L

    Rated 5 out of 5
    Repair of my 2001 Rav4 ECM

    Clarisse L

    My car was behaving so weird, nothing was going well, car could not climb any hill and gallops on good road. The mechanic finally diagnosed it was the ECM that was faulty and no one could repair it out here in Cameroon. I researched online and met this company and i sent ECM to the US for them to repair it. My ECM was repaired, reprogrammed and tested before being shipped back to me. It worked perfectly well and my car is very ok now. Thank you very much Richard for saving my car.

    (1) (0)

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Here are some questions that are frequently asked about this service.
1. What do you need me to send to you for this service?
ANSWER: We only need the ECM to be repaired, please, without the brackets. The ECM has three brackets for attaching it to the vehicle. If you include the brackets, it will be more difficult to ship and shipping will also cost more, as the extra space that the brackets take, demands a bigger package.

We understand that sometimes, either the screws used to attach the brackets are very, very tight and the screw head gets deformed in the attempt of removing it, or some other times, the manufacturer uses non-standard-size security Torx screws instead of the common Philips screws. In those cases, just send it with the brackets.
2. May I send only the circuit board? You know, without its metal case?
ANSWER: Unfortunately, even when shipping would be even lighter that way, we can not accept units without its metal case. Without its metal case, we can not offer a warranty, as the unit would be vulnerable to shipping damage and tampering.
3. My vehicle use immobilizer. Do I need to send you the car keys along with the ECM?
ANSWER: No, we do not need the keys. We will reprogram your ECM in a way that it will still work with your current keys.
4. Do you need the VIN number?
ANSWER: No. It is not altered during the service. Different from other Toyota models, the VIN number is not stored in this ECM.
5. Do you reprogram the ECM as part of the service?
ANSWER: Yes, we reprogram the transmission adaptation table memory. That is, the learned codes which are wrong when the ECM fails, are cleared so it relearns the correct codes when reinstalled.

Other than that, if the ECM requires an update of its software (firmware), it is done with the latest update from Toyota.
6. You charge a shipping fee. Do you send a shipping label to send the ECM to you?
ANSWER: No. Shipping to our location is done on customers behalf. The shipping we charge is for sending the repaired ECM back to you. This charge is FREE if the shipping address is in the USA. In those cases, it is shipped through USPS Priority Mail (3-5 business days). Faster shipments are available too (USPS Express Mail and FedEx) and can be calculated while processing checkout of your order.
7. Do you accept international orders?
ANSWER: Yes. We accept orders and ship back to all around the globe. USA domestic (mainland and all its territories) and Canada orders are shipped through USPS and FedEx and international orders (out of the USA) are shipped through FedEx.
8. I have an account with a shipping company (USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, ARAMEX etc). Can I pay only for the service and ship using my account with such a company?
ANSWER: Sure! In that case, let us know and we will arrange it. We do not profit from shipping, nor charge any handling fees. The rates we use are directly returned from USPS and FedEx APIS (Application Programming Interface) connected directly to our website. So if you want to use your own shipping account with USPS, FedEx, DHL or UPS, we can fix it.


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