2001-2005 Toyota Rav4 ECM Repair Service

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2001-2005 Toyota Rav4 ECM Repair Service

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Do you own a 2001-2005 Toyota Rav4 and are having issues with the automatic transmission?


If you own a 2001-2005 Toyota Rav4 and are having problems with the automatic transmission like for example, the transmission acts erratically, or you are experiencing loss of power when accelerating, or if it is starting (launching) in any gear other than first gear (usually in 3rd gear), or engaging harshly when putting it in reverse, or if it is slipping from 2nd to 3rd gear, all these issues are caused by a defective ECM (Engine Control Module) and we have the perfect solution for you. We offer a repair service for your ECM to get rid of the problem for good and prevent imminent damage to your vehicle’s automatic transmission.


After you complete the order, you mail us your defective ECM, we repair, reprogram and test it and then it is shipped back to you. Our turn around time is only one business day. International orders are welcome.


This service covers the 2001-2005 automatic Rav4 models, either 4WD (4 wheel drive or 4×4) and 2WD (2 wheel drive or 4×2). It also covers the Toyota Picnic and Toyota Avensis models of the same years (2001-2005).


NOTE: In some cases, this will also affect the 2000 Rav4 models. This will only depend on the ECM part number installed in your rav4. Please look at the affected ECMs list elsewhere on this page. If your ECM is not listed, please contact us for more information.









The following are the most common symptoms shown for this issue with the ECM. You may experience only one or several of these symptoms at the same time and some may or may not ever show in your case. If you have experienced at least one of the following, then the ECM needs service ASAP:


  • Check engine is not triggered in most cases
  • When Check engine is triggered, it commonly shows P0750, P0753, P0755, P0758 and/or P1760 trouble codes when scanned
  • Hesitation or harsh shifting, mostly from 2nd to 3rd gears
  • Slams into gear when putting it in reverse
  • Sometimes the vehicle feels like braking by itself
  • Erratically shifts on an intermittent interval
  • Rattling or clicking noise coming from the engine bay when the engine is running, even if in neutral gear
  • Some days it fails and some other days it works with no issues
  • The problem shows only when the engine gets warm or only when it is started the first time in the morning
  • When stopping completely and moving again, it loses power and feels sluggish or heavy
  • Lower fuel economy. Consumes more gas than usual


Tampered Units


Did you already service your ECM with any other shop or Company and they could not fix it? or, did you try fixing it yourself and it did not work? No worries, no shame. We accept those units too. ECMs that have been serviced or attempted to be serviced previously by others or by yourself, may take a little more time because in some cases, we need to also take care of additional problems induced by any previous repair attempt, but we will gladly accept your unit and do our best to help WITHOUT adding any extra cost to the repair job.


ECM Part Numbers Affected



This is a partial list of the ECM part numbers affected. You will find the part number on the label at the top of your ECM. It starts with “89661”. Not all numbers are covered here, so if you don’t see your ECM number in the table below or if you are in doubt if your ECM is part of that list, please feel free to contact us to ask.




ECM Location


2001-2003 toyota rav4 ecm location





For returning the repaired ECM we use FedEx and USPS. FREE fast return shipping is offered to locations in the USA, including the 48 contiguous States, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, American Samoa, and US Virgin Islands. Faster (paid) shipping options are available too. For international locations (out of the USA), we unfortunately do not have a free option yet, but we have special low rates through FedEx for them.


Faster (paid) shipping options are also available for both, USA and international locations and can be calculated from your shopping cart with the provided shipping calculator. Just “add to cart” the service and the calculator will show on the next page.


Some common questions:


Wouldn’t it be better if the ECM is replaced by a new one?


Either brand new or used (recycled) ECMs are giving the same problems, the brand new in the long run and the others in a few months. Also, the repair cost of the ECM is a lot less than the cost of a brand new replacement ECM that would fail again in a few years if it is not corrected. We offer the most complete service for these units, as we cover the whole unit, not just the transmission problem. This way, future problems, related with the actual problem or not, will be avoided. We can proudly say that this is one rare case where ordering this service is better than buying a brand new part.


Do you actually repair or reprogram the ECM?


We do both.


  1. We first repair the circuit and replace any needed parts.
  2. Second, we reset the transmission adaptation memory so it starts relearning from zero when it is installed back in the vehicle. If your vehicle is equipped with the immobilizer security system, we reset it too to ensure that the engine will start when it is installed back.
  3. Third, we recondition the whole circuit to prevent future problems with any other area.
  4. Fourth, we check if there is an update available from Toyota for your unit. If there is one, we do the update by installing the latest software version available for your ECM (only for USA models).
  5. Finally, it is tested in an actual vehicle. This is done with the USA and Canada Market models. Japanese and European market models will be bench tested for transmission functions and vehicle tested for engine functions.


Will I have a tracking number when it is shipped back?


Sure! When you send your unit to us, as soon as we receive it, we will notify you and when it is completed, we will notify you of the shipping details and the tracking number.


If you do not receive an email from us, it probably is in your email’s spam folder. We will also try to notify users through SMS text messages, but for this, please enter your mobile phone number when doing the order. It is also a good practice to create an account with us when ordering, instead of ordering as a guest. This way you will always have available a copy of any message sent to you by email when you log into your account with us.


Other Questions?


For more questions, please see our FAQ section in the “FAQ” tab on top of this information section or feel free to contact us any time through the contact form on this page. We will be more than glad to help.





We always stand by our customers and always try our best to help if you encounter more problems with your ECM, even if the problem is unrelated to our service or of the warranty time has passed. For our warranty on this service, please check the “Warranty” tab on this page.



Removing the ECM from your vehicle:


Tools you will need:


  • Short #2 Phillips screwdriver (stubby)
  • Regular #2 Phillips screwdriver
  • 10MM Socket Wrench
  • Flashlight.


The kick panel and the scuff plate should be removed first, before starting the ECM removal procedure (check the first drawing below).


Now, proceed to:


1. Open the glove compartment box. There are two plastic pins, limiting its opening, one on each side at the inner end of the box. Push the two inner edges inwards, so the glove box gets disengaged from its place.


2. Now, with the regular Phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws in the lower part, that are holding the glove box to the dash.


3. With the glove box completely out, find the ECM computer at the right, which is a metallic box with 5 wiring connectors on it. It is near a smaller metallic box.


4. Unplug the 5 white wiring connectors one by one, by pushing on a locking plastic clip that each connector have while pulling the harness out at the same time.


5. With the 10mm socket wrench, remove the 10mm head bolt that attaches the ECM to the bracket at the lower part (refer to the second drawing below) and with the short Phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws at the top.


You might need a flashlight here to easily find those two upper screws and you might also need to move any wiring away, that might be in the path for taking the ECM out.


6. When the ECM is loose, carefully slide it downwards. It will come out with the rear bracket attached to it, so when it is out, remove the four Phillips screws as shown in the second picture below.


That’s it. You may pack it in a small box and send it to us!


rav4 ecm removal 1


rav4 ecm removal 2




If your Rav4 does not engage in reverse AT ALL, at that point, it means that the ECM is damaged, BUT the damage went beyond the ECM, into the transmission. Please refer to our list of symptoms elsewhere in this page.


The ECM controls all the forward gears (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th), but it does not control the reverse. The reverse is purely mechanical even when it is sometimes affected by a damaged ECM, like bumping when it is engaging. That happens because the damaged ECM does not cut the pressure of the transmission fluid when needed, but will not prevent the transmission from engaging in reverse at all.


What we mean is, the ECM must be repaired, but so the transmission. A good or properly repaired ECM must be in place in order to avoid damaging a new, used, or repaired transmission in case you decide to repair your car. Repairing your ECM in these cases will be the first step.

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions12 × 9.5 × 2.5 in
Service Type

Repair Service


Toyota Rav4, Toyota Picnic, Toyota Avensis. All 2WD and 4WD automatic.


2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005


ECM (Engine Control Module) (ECU)



Instructions Included



Toyota / Fujitsu-Ten


The included warranty term (stated at the top of this page) covers the job done in the ECM and any parts replaced. In the rare event that the ECM fails again, showing either the same or similar problems as before, we will consult the customer about the symptoms and if the ECM is suspected to be the culprit, it will be taken back for service at no cost for the job or parts.

While the job would be done at no cost and needed parts would not be charged in the period covered by the warranty term, inbound and outbound shipping costs will depend on the case, as described below.


A. If a claim is filed anytime within the warranty period and the problem is caused by something we did wrong (errors or mistakes in the repair process), if it happens in the first 30 days of the warranty period, we will cover both ways shipping. If it happens after the first 30 days of the warranty period, then we would only cover return shipping (from our location to the customer’s location).

B. If the claim is filed within the warranty period and it was not our fault, for example, a different part or different circuit is damaged this time and it was not caused by our previous intervention with the ECM, or if the same part is damaged, but because of an external cause as defined below, then we will still cover the job and needed parts for servicing it again, but the customer would need to cover both ways shipping.


1. The ECM was soaked in water or any other liquid.

2. The ECM fell from a considerable height or was hit hard (ex. an accident), causing internal damages to the circuit.

3. Short circuit in the vehicle’s wiring or problems with the electrical system of the vehicle.

4. Battery polarity reversed.

5. The ECM was used in an application that the ECM is not intended for (different car, different make, model or different setup).

6. The ECM was tampered with, either by opening it or by connecting wires to the ECM’s terminals other than the ECM’s wiring harness.

7. The use of piggybacks – External modules connected to the ECM terminals in order to modify the received signals (mostly done for engine performance).

8. Broken warranty seals indicating tampering.

If the ECM fails again and the issue is not related to what we did, we can take a look at it and repair or correct the problem if possible at no charge to the customer, but shipping would need to be covered by the customer. We agree to correct any other problem that could appear in the module even if it is has nothing to do with our previous intervention or previous problem as long as it is possible and doable.

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What other users are looking for:

toyota cost of replacing emu on rav 4,  p0755 toyota,  list of make and model 89661-42 ecm resitor problem,  how to remove and install ecu on 2010 rav4,  how much to repair toyota camry transmission,  engine control toyota rav4 2002,  cost to replace rear subframe on 02 2wd toyota rav 4,  89661-42a91 rebuild,  2002 rav 4 ecm repair,  2001 toyota rav4 ecm repair,  



Once we receive your ECM to be repaired or reprogrammed we will notify you and most of the time it will be serviced the same day.

After your ECM is completed, usually the next business day, we will also notify you and the unit will be shipped back.

The shipping details and a tracking number will be emailed to you as soon as shipping is done. You may also receive an SMS text message as an alternative way of letting you know in case the email fails to reach your inbox or in case it goes to the spam folder. For this, it is optional but recommended that you enter a mobile phone number when ordering, instead of entering a landline phone number.


There is a FREE shipping option (through USPS) for USA locations. The free option cover USA mainland, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska and US Virgin Islands.

Delivery time for the offered free shipping option to USA locations will be 3 to 5 business days. On the other hand, the paid USPS and FedEx Express options for USA locations will be next business day for FedEx Priority or 2-3 business days when USPS Express or FedEx Economy are used.

The only exception about using FedEx to the USA locations is if the shipping address is a PO Box or an APO (Army Post Office box). We do ship to PO Boxes and APOs, but in those cases, shipping will be done through USPS, which would be USPS Priority Mail for the free option or USPS Express (Priority Express) for the paid option. USPS options will take slightly longer transit times than FedEx.

Depending on the case, units in warranty could also be shipped through USPS Priority.


At this moment we, unfortunately, have no free options for international locations and we hope we can offer some kind of free international shipping in the near future.

Import Customs clearance in the destination country may add one or more days to the delivery time when shipping to international locations (out of USA).


You can calculate the exact shipping rates available for your location with the provided calculator, shown in your cart when you Add-to-Cart any product or service. There is no need to log in or have an account for doing this.

It is important that the Country and postal code are entered for getting accurate rates. Please note that the rate calculation will often be way off (higher or lower) than the actual rate if the needed information is not entered or is not accurate when using the rate calculator, specifically, Country, Postal Code if available or City if Postal Code is not available in your location.

We DO NOT profit from shipping. Any rate shown by the provided calculator is passed to you directly from USPS and FedEx through our API connection (Application Programming Interface) to our accounts with both Companies. Any time they do any changes in prices, it will be automatically reflected in our calculator.

Thank you!

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5 reviews for 2001-2005 Toyota Rav4 ECM Repair Service

  1. James B.

    I have been driving my 2003 Rav4 for a couple days now and could not be happier with your services. I was only on my second tank of gas since purchasing it when i discovered it had shifting issues. My cars symptoms were very occasional. Sometimes a slightly harsh shift from 2nd to third. A few times it started out from a stop in a higher gear. Twice i noticed extreme slippage when shifting into 3rd. So I parked it and found you on the web.

    The car now shifts perfect in every situation. I had an occasional low, slightly rough idle which i did not realize initially was related to the ecm and that is fixed too. It seems I caught it early enough before it damaged the transmission so all looks good.

    I also have to mention i was impressed with your professionalism as far as communication and how quickly you turned it around and got it back to me.

    Everything as advertised!

    Thank You,

    James B.

  2. Donna

    I would like to thank Sir Richard for doing a superb job in giving my car’s computer box a second life. He answers my emails everytime and is very nice. Now, my car runs as smooth as new. Im glad that i sent the ecu to him and not anywhere else and be ripped off. Thank you so so much sir richard for a geat great job.

  3. Virgil

    Verified Customer

    Service was very fast and they did a great job. They repaired my ECU and i got it back working great! They gave my Rav4 a second life. Highly recommend them

  4. Clarisse L

    My car was behaving so weird, nothing was going well, car could not climb any hill and gallops on good road. The mechanic finally diagnosed it was the ECM that was faulty and no one could repair it out here in Cameroon. I researched online and met this company and i sent ECM to the US for them to repair it. My ECM was repaired, reprogrammed and tested before being shipped back to me. It worked perfectly well and my car is very ok now. Thank you very much Richard for saving my car.

  5. zilog357

    Hello Larry. We have many reviews, but since we moved here from a previous website, we are still integrating other functions of more priority. Reviews will be imported from our old website later on. The ones here were left after we moved in. Thank you for your comment.

  6. Andrew Miller

    Verified Customer

    I want to thank you guys. Transmission problems were driving me crazy that I opted not to use my SUV until I found this. I was wondering if you are interested in buying the old computer? I guess you are able to fix it.

  7. Jim Lozano

    Verified Customer

    Just perfect. I wasn’t able to get this less expensive than your price here. My car is fine now. Thank you.

  8. Pedro Rivera

    Verified Customer

    antes de comprar el servicio, el electromecanico no daba “pies con bolas”. Ahora la guagua funciona perfecta. Gracias mil.

  9. Brian Nelson

    Verified Customer

    wow! i didnt know this was possible after everybody asking for so much for a new computer. THANK YOU!

  10. Sintayehu Eshetu

    Verified Customer

    Am very very happy with the service you rendering. Am from Ethiopia,East Africa. I owed Rav4 2002. After my car exprienced the ecm problem,I was shocked as I used all my money to buy this car. I started searching on webs. finally,I idetntified the problems on these models Rav4(2001-2003)-. I very happy now. I got Mr.Richard from he helped me a lot. He told me to send the ecm to the mentioned address. I did it. Thanks a lot Mr.Richard for the discount you made for me by understanding my matters.

  11. William Mendez

    Verified Customer

    hey! I just wanted to get back to you to let you know how nice my car is doing now. i really apreciate your help. this part makes it feel like new again after all the struggle we went thru when it was broken. Now shifting like a new baby!

  12. Eric Martinez

    Verified Customer

    Outstanding service Richard. my rav4 went back to normal. A pleasure to drive it again and a pleasure to know that the transmision wasnt the problem. thumbs up for you!

  13. Brian Davis

    Verified Customer

    the dealer was gonna charge me about $1,300. I am very happy with your job and price. my rav4 is runing perfect now recommend this service to anybody.

  14. George Moore

    Verified Customer

    Very trustworthy, excellent and fast service. My RAV4 SUV drives like new again. I will blindly recommend you guys to any one as I am very pleased with the service you provided.

  15. Lewis Evans

    Verified Customer

    Great! You put my RAV4 back in the road again after i though it was a major problem. Luckily I found you and that offered this service also out of the USA.

  16. Joe Price

    Verified Customer

    This is real. He fixed it and mailed it back in one day. It works like brand new. People laughed at me when I told them that I just mailed my ECM to some dude in Puerto Rico. I am the one laughing now.

  17. Paul Miller

    Verified Customer

    Hey Richard. I a sorry I did not emailed you earlier. I wanted you to know that my rav4 is working flawlessly since I installed the repaired ecu. Thank you. You are definitely recommended to all my friends.

  18. daniel dungca

    Verified Customer

    I had my ecu repaired and rec’d it back within a week after sending it for repair. I am very satisfied with the turnaround and the repaired product. i installed it and now it’s working great without replacing my transmission. Thank you very much Richard !!!

  19. Joel Ferdinand

    Verified Customer

    Incredible guys. Thank you for all your support and for fixing my rav4ecm so perfectly. please I would like to separate a rebuilt ecm of the same whenever you have it available. I want to have it handy in case my second rav 4 fails with the same issue.

  20. Mike Solomon

    Verified Customer

    Perfect – Fast – Five Star PLUS +++ – As advertised in every way – From a tranny that felt like it was going to fall out of the car, back to new – this is not the ‘other deal’ it’s the REAL DEAL – Thanks Richard, you’ve made my daughter’s RAV4 back to new – I’ve never written a product review ever but I made an exception this one time since I’m blown away – Maryland USA.

  21. James Ates

    Verified Customer

    i wanted to say thank you so much, my Toyota rav4 shifts and runs like new!! i didn’t think that a ecu would cause such problems and i’m a mechanic and have been one for 30 years, i’m a believer and any one that has problems with there Toyota rav4 shifting funny needs to send your ecu to Richard and he will take care of you as he did me, thanks again Richard, your the man…….James

  22. Rick Rose

    Verified Customer

    The repairs were done in a timely fashion and the vehicle shifts better than ever before. I’m very pleased with Richard’s service and highly recommend this repair for other Rav4 owners experiencing shifting issues.

  23. Femi Sanda

    Verified Customer

    WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY ECM!!!!!!!!!!!!-!! I want to thank you for the MAGIC you performed on my ECM, i purposely do not send you a mail concerning this service until after 2 months or so, ever since i installed the repaired ecm, my rav got born again and its been at the top of performance ever since, initially i thought it could develop the same problem again, but its running better and better each day, no more noise, sudden breaks, ranting etc, i can now climb any hill without fear of loosing gear, im really grateful.

  24. Kenneth Nwose

    Verified Customer

    I commend the professional and timely manner in which this service for my 2003 rav4 was done. My Rav4 transmission now shifts smoothly, the jerking has stopped and my car is back to normal. Thank you Richard. Ken…

  25. Kenn Knabb

    Verified Customer

    Richard, I was hesitant & a little concerned about sending my RAV’s ECM off in the mail to get repaired but after reading all the positives & not finding negatives, I went for it with you guys and I have to tell you: I put the unit back in today & it drives BETTER THAN IT EVER HAS since I have owned it! You saved my a$$ & my tranny. You did what you said you would & when. The RAV actually idles better & shifts very smoothly. You were very patient w/ this nervous customer & answered my qts along the way. THANKS SO MUCH & I plan on putting this out on FB as well. Job extremely well done. Since the car was out of commission, I put on new sway bar links & an in cabin air filter. She is like new again.

  26. William French

    Verified Customer

    Richard- I received my ECM back today, had it installed in less than 10 minutes and it worked flawlessly. Thank you for providing this service. Great job and if my repairs require your expertise I won’t hesitate to call upon you again. Best of luck! William French

  27. Thomas Hudgins

    Verified Customer

    Like a few others, I was a bit apprehensive about trying this repair but I decided it was worth the risk given the alternatives. I got the ECM back the other day, installed it, and the car is working perfectly. Richard provided communication upon payment, receipt of the unit, and return shipment. If you are faced with this problem, I can certainly recommend this service. I think I just saved over $1000.

  28. Tonja Smith

    Verified Customer

    I’m a single mom who tries to repair things myself out of necessity. I bought a used 2003 Toyota RAV4 earlier this year and noticed issues of stalling and the vehicle surging forword between automatic first to second gear transitions. I was very worried wondering how I was going to pay for a new ecm and then wondering if it would even help. I knew the vehicle wasn’t safe to drive with these issues. Then I found Richard’s ecm repair service on the other deal as I google searched ecm repair. I sent my ecm to Richard in Puerto Rico. I got it back within a week, repaired and ready to go. I put it back in a few months ago, and I have had no issues since. I have been so happy and very relieved that my vehicle is working fine and is safe to drive with my children on board. I was so thankful it was something I could afford. I felt like I should get back on the site today and recommend this service. Most people seem to like to get on reviews to complain about something, but most people forget to say thanks when everything works out great. It was also the reviews on this site that helped give me the courage to go ahead and send in my ecu for repair. Don’t give up on your Toyota RAV4 because of ecm issues, send your ecm to Richard for repair, and you will not be sorry.

  29. Rudi Tas

    Verified Customer

    Hi, I am from Belgium (Europe). At first I hesitated a lot to send my ECU so far with the risk of loosing it … Also, I was not 100% sure of this service. I had almost all the problems with my RAV4 that were described … So I took the risk and removed the ECU, packed it very well and send it with tracking so I could follow my box. It arrived after 7 days. That day I got confirmation of Richard that my box had arrived. He also reeplied on my mails. 4 days later (with a weekend included) I already received my ECU back ! There was a note included that they had repaired it, reset it and tested it. I almost immediately installed in in my car and … it worked like new ! No problems anymore until now (I have tested it for 4 days now) Thanks again for a very good service Rudi

  30. Katrin Zamfirescu

    Verified Customer

    Dear Richard and team, I am so happy that I found your repair service for ECM RAV4 cars online, especially after the resonse from my Toyota dealer that replacing the ECM with a new one would cost 1.500 EUR. You did a fantastic job and it was always comforting to know to receive replies to my questions right away. Your information was always very detailed and professional so that I knew that the ECM is in good hands. My car runs perfect again and I am glad that I could save that much money. I will definitively recommend your service here in Germany! Many thanks, Katrin

  31. Telis Pahigiannakis

    Verified Customer

    hello i sent my ecm to the this company ..i have to apologize that i didnt beleive that they could fix it but when i got it i didnt beleive on my eyes PROBLEM WAS FIXED and car has changed to 100% better THANK U GOOD JOB

  32. Boma Ipalibo

    Verified Customer

    I got your remanufactured rav4 2001-2003 ecu and i must tell you, my rav4 works so great i cant stop talking about the change. all the noises around and under stopped, my check engine light that refused to go just vanished. surprisingly also, fuel consumption dropped drastically and noticeably. thanks as i have spent a fortune here in Nigeria to get all these fixed but they seem not to understand the problem. thanks so very much.

  33. Luisfelipe Tavares

    Verified Customer

    Gracias Richard por tu excelente sevicio y trato personalisado me ahorre un monton de dinero y rav4 esta en excelente condicion quedo mejor que nueva.

  34. Robert Franco

    Verified Customer

    My local Toyota dealer was not honest with me about the ECM being the culprit..even after I told him of the obvious clue..a slipping 2-3 upshift. Otherdeal fixed my unit, got it back fast, and the car runs perfectly…Ric-hard saved the day.

  35. Nicholas Deem

    Verified Customer

    I was very scared when I found out this company was located outside the U.S.A. and certainly did my home work, even on a Sunday evening sitting on my sail sail boat, sent an email to the company the owner instantly reassured me they were legit and had great confidence in repairing my ECU, I recieved my ECU, in perfect condition packaged nicely, reistalled and cannot believe how the car returned to it’s original condition if not even smoother shifts than new, Richard was amazing and the work first class, I now show everyone with RAV4 issues this site and will be the first to use in the future….Nicho-las

  36. Kenneth Nwose

    Verified Customer

    I commend the professional and timely manner in which this ECM Repair Service for my 2003 Rav4 was done. My Rav4 transmission now shifts smoothly, the jerking has stopped and my car is back to normal. Thank you Richard. Ken…

  37. Larry

    Verified Customer

    Rav4 is working great. Fast turn around on repair.

  38. zilog357

    Hello Larry. I am glad that all is good, Thank you for your business :-)

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    Here we are listing some questions and answers that we often receive about this service.
    1. What do I need to send to you for doing this service?
    We only need the ECM that will be repaired. Please, without the brackets. The ECM has three brackets for attaching it to the vehicle. If you include the brackets, it will be more difficult to ship and shipping will also cost more, because of the extra space that such brackets take.

    We understand that sometimes, either the screws used to attach the brackets are very, very tight and the screw heads get deformed in the attempt of removing them, or in some other cases, the manufacturer used non-standard security Torx screws instead of the common Philips screws. In those cases, just send it with the brackets.
    2. May I send only the circuit board? You know, without its metal case?
    Unfortunately, even when shipping would be even lighter that way, we can not accept units without its metal case or metal box. A warranty could not be offered if the unit comes without its metal case, as the unit would be vulnerable to shipping damage and tampering. Also, we place warranty labels on the finished ECM to prevent tampering. Preventing tampering allows us to offer a warranty in first place. Such labels could not be put if there is no metal case.
    3. My vehicle has the immobilizer feature. Do I need to send you the car keys along with the ECM?
    No, we will not need the keys. We will reprogram your ECM in a way that it will re-register and work with your current keys.
    4. Do you need the VIN number?
    No. The VIN number is not needed and not altered during this service either. Different from other Toyota models, the VIN number is not stored in this ECM.
    5. Do you reprogram the ECM as part of the service?
    Yes, in two ways. First, we reprogram the transmission adaptation memory for clearing it. By doing this, the wrong codes learned by the ECM when its was failing, are cleared so it relearns the correct codes when it is reinstalled. Second, if the ECM requires an update of its internal software (firmware), an update is programmed into it by using the latest version from Toyota. We always check that every ECM we service has the latest software version installed before it is shipped back to our customers.
    6. You charge a shipping fee. Do you send a shipping label for shipping the ECM to you?
    No, Shipping the ECM to our location is done on the customers' behalf. The shipping fees we charge are for sending the repaired ECM back to you. This charge is FREE if shipped to the USA. In those cases, it is shipped through USPS Priority Mail (3-5 business days). Paid shipments are also available if a faster shipment is needed (USPS Express Mail and FedEx). Unfortunately, we have no free shipping options for international locations (out of the USA) at this time.
    7. Do you accept international orders?
    Yes. International orders are welcome. We offer our service to all countries. Shipping to international locations (out of the USA) are done through FedEx. In the case of Canada it can be served either by USPS or FedEx.
    8. I have an account with a shipping company (USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, ARAMEX etc). Can I pay only for the service and ship using my account?
    Sure, it can be arranged. Just let us know and we will give you the details. We do not profit from shipping, nor we charge any handling fees. The rates we use are directly returned from USPS and FedEx APIs (Application Programming Interface) that are directly connected to our website when doing the shipping calculation. So if you want to use your own shipping account with any company, it can be fixed no problem.


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