EWS Deletion Chip

We have often been asked for an EWS delete chip. That is, a chip that boost power of their 1995 325i and deletes the EWS protection at the same time.

First of all, what is EWS? EWS is an anti-theft system installed in BMW cars. We are talking about EWS-II, installed in 1995 cars through 1998. Models later than 1998 use the EWS system too, but more advanced versions, like EWS-III, for example. It is similar on its idea to the immobilizer system used in other cars, like Toyota, Honda and VW.

Schematic of the EWS-II system in your 325i E36:

The EWS system in these models is contained in a separate module, which is connected and communicates with the engine computer module or better known as the “DME” (Digital Motronics Engine controller), basically, the ECM. The car key has a chip which sends an unique code through the key lock cylinder through an internal coil antenna. The signal is amplified and sent to the EWS control module. This module will compare the received code with the code stored in the ECM (“DME”) and if codes are the same, all normal functioning is resumed. Otherwise, the starter will not engage and there will be no injection. In short, your car can only be started with your key (transponder key).

Part of the purpose of an EWS DELETE chip is just that, deleting the security system, so the car can start and function with any key as long as it is cut to match the lock. We don’t have an EWS delete chip, but the chip we have can be used along with some simple wiring tampering to delete EWS and to boost performance at the same time.

Since our chip was made for Non-EWS ECM computers, the BOSCH 0 261 200 413 with a red or maroon colored label (1994 and early 1995), it does not has the EWS programming on it and you may use it in the same part number ECM computer that has a silver colored label along with some wiring tampering to eliminate the EWS system.

The wires you will need to tamper are as follows:

1. Cut the EWS wire coming from the EWS module (green) to pin #66 of the DME module

Identifying wire #66:

2. Cut wires #1 and #3 from the EWS module and join the wires that go away from the module, not the ones that come in. Cover with plastic tape.

Location of the EWS module:

The cons of this are of course, that your car will no longer be protected by the EWS system as long as you have this modification. The pros, your car will have more power and you won’t be stranded if the EWS system malfunctions. Another one is, you may have as many copies of your keys as you wish and will not have to spend in programmer serviced to activate each key.

Our chip:

Reaching the EWS Control Module

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31 Responses

  1. Neftali Hernandez says:

    I have a question, if I buy one of those chips, will they work on my ews ecu if I cut the wire #7 at the ews module foe sure?

  2. admin says:

    Welcome again Neftali. Yes, if you get one of those chips and your car is EWS equipped, all you will need to do is disconnect the wire #7 from you EWS-II module (or #66 from the ecu). That’s all and your car will be brought to life like magic with the chip installed.

    Thanks for reading,


  3. admin says:

    Super quality 93-95 BMW 325i chip at:


  4. electromozzo says:

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  6. admin says:

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  7. SergeyNikolaev says:

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  8. LenaShopogolik says:

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  9. Zashkaser says:

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  10. VitalikGromovss says:

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  14. David says:

    I have 98 318ti with obd2…..how do I get around the ews no start problem

  15. stanley says:

    please i have bmw x5 2004 the key got lost….what can i do to make the car start…

  16. Michael says:

    Hello is there any way to disable the ews on a 1998 528i

  17. Jason Williams says:

    2000 528I E39 w/#2 key and chip is damaged. The car wont start, Can i still follow the installation of the delete chip to get the car running again.

  18. Guest says:

    Hello Jason. I regret I must say no.

    There are no replaceable chips in 2000 BMW models. They put replaceable EPROM chips only until 1995 models. For 1996 models and up, if not solving by getting the correct programmed keys, something like an EWS Emulator must be used, so normal keys can be used. If you use an EWS Emulator, you will still need a key cut for your ignition cilynder.

    For the EWS Emulator, you may search on eBay of just Google it. You will need to know what EWS version you have. I guess that for 2000 models, it is EWS3.


  19. George says:

    Hi, My mother in-law owns a 1996 740iL and she was having some oil pan issues. We had a mechanic change the oil pan gasket. once he was done and all he lowered the vehicle back down. (he used a floor jack and jack stands) once he was all done we tried starting the car and it seems like there’s no power getting to the starter. I checked all fuses and relays. I been reading that this vehicles have some king of tilt sensors, and they have to be deactivated to avoid arming the alarm. Can you help me!!!!!!!!

  20. terry says:

    whre can i find bmw e36 318i m43 ews module this model is made in south africa.

  21. shane says:

    Terry did you find out where to get an e36 318i ews module , I have exactly the same problem and have no idea what to do , I’m not sure if a ews 1 red label dme will work in my car , I just need to get this car started and running again, please advise ….anyone

  22. Brooks Honeycutt says:

    am in need of EWS CONTROL MODULE PART NO. 61358380423 FOR 95 BMW 525iT E-34


  23. Scott Dean says:

    1997 BMW 328i nokeys they were stolen I need to bypass the ignition system and security system to get it to start

  24. Scott Dean says:

    I need to bypass the ignition and security systems to get it to run the keys were stolen a long time ago what do I do ?

  25. Murphy says:

    Hey there, I have the e34 540 1994-95 right hand drive, does it have the EWS unit & where is it located?
    Thanks Regards

  26. Marc says:

    Hi I had a question about which wires on the ews is #1 and #3 that I need to join together

  27. Jan says:

    I’ve got a question. Will it be possible in 318tds? I want to bypass ews2

  28. Paul Martin says:

    I have a 2000 BMW 328i how do i bypass the ews

  29. Collin says:

    This is exactly what I needed but I’m in a world of trouble. I was recently welding and my car caught fire melting the the box under the dash of my car that houses all the jumped wires in the main harness. The car is completely gutted and is now a track car. I will be wiring all the components necessary DeRon the engine on the fuse block etc. but how do I cut out the EMS and reinstall it into my custom harness so I can make the proper cuts mentioned in this article? Please help

  30. zilog357 says:

    Hello Collin. I am sorry to know about what happened to your car.

    Do you want to cut the EWS and pass it over to a new harness (custom)?
    What year and model is your BMW?
    A wiring diagram will be very helpful. Do you need it? I might have it (free).


  31. khaled says:

    Hi, I am stuck with E38 M73 no crank, but when i joing the two wires from EWS the relates to the starter the car cranks but does not start,
    I am wondering if I could bypass or delet the EWS from my car, 750 E38 V12.
    thanks in advance,

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