2005-2008 Toyota Corolla Immobilizer Reprogramming


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This service is for reprogramming (resetting) the immobilizer system of your 2005, 2006, 2007 or 2008 Toyota Corolla ECM, either for automatic or manual transmission models.


NOTE: As part of this service, we now also check if your ECM software version is up to date. If it is not, we update it with the latest software for your specific unit available from Toyota. Many times, updating your ECM will correct problems, as these updates are issued by Toyota over time for enhancing or correcting problems, bugs or errors in the original software.


This service will cover the following 2005-2008 Toyota Corolla ECM part numbers:


89661-02C01 89661-02C02 89661-02C10 89661-02C11 89661-02C30 89661-02C91
89661-02D01 89661-02D02 89661-02D11 89661-02D12 89661-02F80 89661-02K10
89661-02K20 89661-02K21 89661-02K22 89661-02K23 89661-02K50 89661-02K51
89661-02K60 89661-02K80 89661-02Q90 89661-02R00 89661-02R10 89661-02R20
89661-02R30 89661-0Z040 89661-0Z041 89661-0Z042


If you buy a used or recycled replacement ECM for your Corolla, the engine will not start if the ECM has not been reset for registering your actual car keys. Used ECMs could be in perfect working conditions, but it will have in memory the key codes of the donor vehicle and won’t match the codes of your keys.


There are a couple of solutions here. The first one will not cost you anything and you can see what it is about by checking the article in the link below. Just scroll down the article and go to the “Sync Process“:


Toyota Corolla Immobilizer


However, if for some reason the engine does not start after trying that first procedure, you may try the second solution which is resetting the immobilizer of the ECM to erase all the key codes in memory. This will allow the ECM to automatically register your keys and start the engine. One of the reasons for the first solution failing is that the memory chip of the ECM that stores key codes could be full, as it accepts a limited number of keys. Another possible reason is the memory chip of the ECM to be defective.


Happily, most of the times, the first procedure (FREE) will work just fine. If otherwise, we can gladly help by resetting the immobilizer of your 2005-2008 Toyota Corolla ECM.


This second solution is not free, but it is very affordably priced.


If you send us your ECM for resetting the immobilizer, the job will be done in just one business day and it will be shipped back to you the next business day.



When the ECM is returned to you, you just reinstall it in your car and it will be ready to start.



1. This solution is done by reprogramming a memory chip in the ECM. No parts are removed and no modifications are done to the circuit. Your ECM is safe with us. This is a clean programming procedure.


2. ECMs that we receive are assumed to be in good working conditions. The scope of the service is programming only and do not include repairing any defects of the ECM. The only exception would be if the memory chip to be programmed is defective. In that case, we would replace it with a brand new chip and will program it at no extra cost.


VIN Number


Once the programming is done, the VIN number will unavoidably be removed. As soon as all keys codes are cleared from the immobilizer memory chip, the microcontroller will “see” it and even when the VIN is not stored in that chip, the microcontroller will remove it by itself from the system. This is a process included in the ECM’s software, that will put the ECM in “brand new” condition as soon as the memory is reset. That includes, of course, removing the personalization of the ECM, which is the VIN.


What happens if I do not enter the VIN number immediately?


This does not prevent the car from starting and all the systems from working 100%. All will be working, but the check engine light will be turned on until the VIN is entered. The error code would be “P0630”, meaning “VIN number mismatch”. But again, you may use and drive your car as normal while you have the time to go to a dealer to enter the VIN.


What can be done to solve the VIN number issue?


You don’t have to rush it and can do this when you can spare the time. The VIN can be entered on any Toyota dealer or any auto mechanic shop that have the Toyota VIN update software and any J2534 pass thru equipment. It is a process that only takes a couple of minutes.


Can you enter the VIN for me?


Unfortunately, we cannot. We could, but the problem is that as soon as done, the ECM will store the key codes of the car used to enter the VIN and then it won’t start in your car. It is meant to be done with the ECM installed in the target car.




Q. Where is the ECM located in my Corolla?


A. The ECM in these Toyota models is located below the glove compartment. It is a metallic box, with numbers in the following format; “89661-02D0x”, “89661-02K2x”, “89661-02C1x” or “89661-02R0x”. Examples are: “89661-02D02”, “89661-02K20”, “89661-02R00” and some others.



Q. Will this void any of my vehicle warranties?


A. Absolutely not. The process is completely safe for the computer and is within the vehicle specifications. No alterations to the original design or specifications are done.


Q. How long will the service take?


A. The turnaround of the job is one business day and it is shipped back the next business day.


Q. What shipping services you use?


A. We currently use US Postal Service (USPS) and FedEx. The cost can be accurately calculated when you add the item to your cart and click on the “Calculate Shipping” button.


Q. Do you ship to my Country?


A. Yes. We offer this service to all around the globe.


Q. Do you offer any warranty?


A. Sure. We offer a written warranty for the term specified at the top of this page.


Q. How is this service requested? How do I proceed and do the payment?


A. Just “Add to Cart” the service and click on checkout. Payments are processed by PayPal. You may complete the checkout as a guest or better yet, you may register for getting tracking information and notes about your order.


IMPORTANT: Worldwide orders are accepted, but if you are sending your ECM from outside of the USA, we highly recommend to use FedEx, UPS or DHL. Any other service may incur in brokerage fees of $200.00, charged to the customer. With FedEx, UPS or DHL, this will not happen.


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2005-2008 Toyota Corolla VVTi 1.8L

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What other users are looking for:

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