2008 Toyota Corolla CE/S 1.8L Automatic ECM 89661-02R00


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Brand: Toyota
Condition: Refurbished
Units Sold: 7
SKU: 89661-02R00


Engine Control Module (ECM/ECU) for the 2007 – 2008 Toyota Corolla 1.8L, Automatic transmission models. This ECM fits the Toyota Corolla, Corolla LE, CE and S trims.




Exchangeable Part numbers that can be directly replaced with this ECM:


89661-02R00 (Toyota)
89661-02R20 (Toyota)
590-51541 (Hollander)


This ECM has been refurbished and programmed with the latest calibration version available for these units directly from Toyota.




You probably have learned that used ECMs need to be programmed in order to start the engine and it is true, but NOT with this ECM. Instead of needing to spare time and money to go to a shop or dealer for programming your ECM in order to start the engine of your car, this ECM only needs to be installed and it will be ready to be used. This means that the internal immobilizer system has been reset to accept and register your car keys right away (a $59.00 service for free). Your keys will be detected by the ECM as soon as installed. It will automatically register each key used to start the engine in the first few minutes after installing the ECM. After the registration cycle ends, your car will ONLY start with the registered keys. Registering more keys in the future is also possible (up to a total of 8 keys) with simple instructions we can provide upon request.




Another issue is that the VIN number is stored in these ECMs and unfortunately, it gets erased by default when the ECM is reprogrammed. This is set to behave like that by the manufacturer and there is no way to override it. That means that your ECM will lack a VIN number until it is installed in your car and the VIN number entered with a scanner. If you do not enter the VIN number, your car will be 100% functional, but the check engine light will be lit (trouble code P0630). The code will be “VIN mismatch“, which means that the VIN number is not present. This issue can not be avoided. This same thing will happen if you buy a brand new ECM.


Entering the VIN number must only be done in the target vehicle where the ECM is to be installed. That is why we cannot do it from here. If we do it, it will automatically be erased as soon as the ECM is installed. Again, it is a routine programmed to behave like that by the manufacturer.


Since your car will be 100% functional, and entering the VIN number is NOT urgent, you may enter the VIN number at your convenience. Any shop or dealer with the proper scanner can do that and only takes around 5 minutes. We can even provide the VIN update software to be used with the scanner if needed.




We offer quality items which are backed up with a great warranty. These ECMs are offered in many marketplaces, but they are not tested, nor its calibration is updated, and neither they are programmed to start your car. On top of that, the VIN number must also be programmed anyway. You will get the best value on these ECMs when you buy from us.




The part number of your ECM is located on the label at the top of the ECM as shown below.


Example of 89661-02R00 Corolla ECM / ECU label

Example of 89661-02R00 Corolla ECM / ECU label


Please, before ordering, always make sure your actual ECM part number matches the part number of this ECM or any of the exchangeable part numbers listed further above on this page.




List of vehicle models that this ECM will fit on:


  • 2007 Toyota Corolla CE 1.8L 4 CYL Automatic (A/T)
  • 2007 Toyota Corolla LE 1.8L 4 CYL Automatic (A/T)
  • 2007 Toyota Corolla S 1.8L 4 CYL Automatic (A/T)
  • 2008 Toyota Corolla CE 1.8L 4 CYL Automatic (A/T)
  • 2008 Toyota Corolla LE 1.8L 4 CYL Automatic (A/T)
  • 2008 Toyota Corolla S 1.8L 4 CYL Automatic (A/T)




A bad ECM in the 2008 Toyota Corolla may cause any of the following symptoms among others:


  • The engine won’t start
  • Transmission harsh shifting problems or won’t shift properly
  • The engine starts, but won’t go over 2000 RPMs
  • May give error codes P0601, P0606 or P0607




The 2007-2008 Toyota Corolla engine ECM is located under the right dash area (below glove compartment area) as shown below. It has a plastic cover, which is attached with two plastic plugs, then the ECM is attached by 4 Tork screws.



Notes referring to common questions we receive:


  • This unit will fix problems addressed on the 2005-2008 Toyota Corolla ECM recall.
  • This is a direct replacement for the 2007-2008 Toyota Corolla ECM.
  • ECM (Engine Control Module) and ECU (Engine Control Unit) refers to the same part.
  • No programming needed for starting the engine. Your transponder keys will be automatically registered when installing the ECM and starting the car with all the keys you have.
  • Warranty of this unit is specified at the top of this page.
  • We ship worldwide.
  • We ship through USPS and FedEx.
  • Shipping to the USA through USPS Priority Mail is FREE.
  • When installing, it is a good idea to disconnect the vehicle battery, but it is not a must.
  • No core charges. You do not need to send back your old ECM as a core.


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in
Product Type

Engine Control Module (ECM / ECU)


Used. Refurbished.


2008 Toyota Corolla Automatic

Needs Programming?

No. Already pre-programmed


Denso / Toyota


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What other users are looking for:

2008 corolla ecm2008 toyota corolla 1 8l ecm locationtoyota corolla computer name


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