Why Ignoring REVS Check Will Cost You Time and Sales

Everybody desires to have a car of their own. The necessity of having a car is not a lesser known fact. These days cars play a vital role in everyone’s life. On average, every household in Australia has 1.9 cars in their residence, which is quite a figure. According to US publisher Ward’s in 2010, there were 1.015 billion motor vehicles used worldwide and obviously, since then the number would have increased only. Cars are widely used as they are convenient for one’s daily use and it has become imperative to have at least one car in every household. There are so many people who would like to have a personal car in order to fulfill their daily requirement like going to offices, dropping their children at school, buying stuff from the market etc. However, not everyone can afford a brand new car and sometimes even if you can afford it you can look for inexpensive second-hand cars.

Buying a second-hand car is not a bad option at all. It all depends on your financial budget and requirements. These days so many people buy second-hand car or vehicle for their own use. But while buying a used vehicle you must be very careful about a few things otherwise it can put you at risk and you may end up regretting your decision. It can even put you in legal troubles and you might end up jostling the previous car owner and trust me it will be of no use. Sometimes you may even end up in losing your car, even worst.

REVS Check


All these situations are quite hideous and undoubtedly you might be feeling quite overwhelmed by reading it. But you do not need to worry if you live in Australia. You can always rely on REVS Check to know the details of the vehicle purchased, history of the vehicle as well as details and history of the owner. Ignoring a REVS Check can definitely put you in a lot of trouble so by no means ignore getting a REVS Check before buying a used vehicle in Australia.

REVS Checks and PPSR reports are essential aspects before buying a second-hand vehicle in Australia. They are also called VIN checks. But, many people are still not aware of it and some of them just ignore it. So, let us have a look at the steps that are important before buying a vehicle in Australia and how ignoring it can cost you a lot of trouble, time and sale.

What is REVS Check?

REVS Check is an obsolete check that people in Australia used to do while buying a previously owned car or vehicle. It was free of cost check that allowed the buyers to check if there were any financial impediments attached to the second hand purchased vehicle.
Since the past few years, PPSR reports have replaced REVS Check as these reports offer detailed information and documentation that focuses on the vehicle’s history.

Meaning of REVS Check

REVS stands for Register of Encumbered Vehicles. It is a database that is specifically controlled by the government to check the history of the vehicle and if there is any financial encumbrance attached to the vehicle. These reports give you details about the payments, registration, loans or outstanding charges of the vehicle if any.

In 2012, PPSR reports replaced REVS Check, a PPSR report tells you about the detail of the vehicle like registration and every detailed information rather than just the encumbrance factor.

What is a PPSR report?

PPSR is the abbreviation for Personal Property Securities Register. It is administered by the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) on the internet where you can easily find information about the secured vehicle. These reports are comprehensive reports about the history of the vehicle and can help you in picking the right vehicle of your choice. These reports offer details like:

  • Financial encumbrances.
  • Engine number related to the VIN number, color, and model type.
  • Write-off associated with the vehicle.
  • Maintenance and repair history.
  • Involvement in an accident and information on any damage.
  • Whether the vehicle has been stolen in the past.
  • Odometer inconsistency.

Why are these checks and report important before buying a previously owned vehicle?

A PPSR report allows you to make an important decision before buying a vehicle on the basis of a comprehensive report, this helps you in choosing the right vehicle of your choice. If a vehicle has a bad history and financial encumbrance attached to it you might want to avoid buying such a vehicle as it can cost you a lot of time and money.

At the same time, you wouldn’t want to buy a vehicle that is stolen or has some kind of bad history or is risky to drive. A PPSR report gives you valuable information about the vehicle even when the dealer is unwilling to give it to you. The data and information in a PPSR report can tell you if the vehicle is stolen and even if it was not reported. You can also cross check the chassis and engine numbers of the vehicle with the report to ensure originality and genuineness of the vehicle.

Why is it imperative to get REVS Check or PPSR Report to avoid any kind of limitations?

Getting a REVS Check offers the purchaser a number of benefits like:

  • Gets you information about the debts and pending payments of the vehicle.
  • It is just not restricted to cars and trucks.
  • Very Easy to perform.
  • Prevents you from buying a vehicle that is not good enough for you.
  • Inexpensive as everybody can afford it.



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