2002 – 2005 Toyota Echo ECM Repair Service


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Repair service for the ECM of the 02 03 04 05 Toyota Echo. Is your Echo showing engine minor problems with ignition, injection or any sensor and replacing the sensor does not seem to help? Or is it having automatic transmission problems related to the ECM / ECU, like harsh shifting, loss of power, engaging harsh in reverse, slipping from 2nd to 3rd gear, etc.? Then you have come to the right place and are in good hands!


NOTE: This is a REPAIR AND RETURN service for your Toyota Echo ECM (a.k.a ECU). You will have to send us your defective ECM, we will repair and reprogram it and then it will be shipped back to you. Our turn around time mostly is one business day, except for high work-load days where the turn around time increases to two business days.






  • We offer FREE return shipping through USPS Priority Mail to the USA, including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, American Samoa, and US Virgin Islands.
  • Return shipping to Canada can be done through USPS too, but unfortunately, we have no free options for it at this moment.
  • For international orders (out of the USA), the return shipping cost will be calculated for FedEx shipping service. We have new more economic rates through FedEx. For many locations, it is almost 40% less from what we used to charge for it.


This service covers the ECM of the 02 03 04 and 05 Toyota Echo models with 1.5L engine and automatic transmission. The ECM part numbers covered are the following:


Toyota part numbers:




Hollander part numbers:






Did you already service your ECM with any other company and they could not fix it? or, did you try fixing it yourself and it did not work?

No worries, no shame. We accept tampered units too. ECMs that have been attempted to be serviced previously (tampered) may take a little more time to complete, but we will gladly accept your unit and do our best to help WITHOUT adding any extra cost to the repair job.




You will find the ECM of your Toyota Echo in the passenger’s side in the following location:


toyota echo ecm location

Toyota Echo ECM location




Will my order have a tracking number?


Sure! We will keep in communication with you all the time. When you do the order and send your ECM, as soon as it gets here we will email you and the ECM will be immediately worked on. When it is completed, we will also email you with the shipping details and the tracking number.


Should I register an account with you instead of using “guest checkout” to complete the order?


It is not necessary to complete any order, but it is recommended because important messages about the order, like completion and tracking number, besides being emailed to you, you will also always find a copy of the messages we send to you in your account area attached to the specific order.


I did not receive an email from you


If you do not receive an email from us after registering, ordering or simply emailing us with a question, the email sent by us will probably be in your email’s spam or unwanted mail folder. Please whitelist our email to avoid this from happening. If you leave your mobile phone number when registering or when doing an order, we will also notify you through SMS text messages anytime an important event takes place like a partial or total refund or for order completion or order shipping and tracking number.




For questions, please send us a message any time through the contact form on this page. We will be more than glad to help. Please include all the pertinent details for your case, so we can help best and quicker.




All of our products and services are backed by a reasonable warranty and we always stand by our customers. The warranty duration of this service is shown at the top of this page. For our warranty terms, please check our Terms and Conditions page with a link elsewhere in the top menu of this page.




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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in
Product Type

Repair service


The included warranty term (stated at the top of this page) covers the job done in the ECM and any parts replaced. In the rare event that the ECM fails again, showing either the same or similar problems as before, we will consult the customer about the symptoms and if the ECM is suspected to be the culprit, it will be taken back for service at no cost for the job or parts.


While the job would be done at no cost and needed parts would not be charged in the period covered by the warranty term, inbound and outbound shipping costs will depend on the case, as described below.




A. If a claim is filed anytime within the warranty period and the problem is caused by something we did wrong (errors or mistakes in the repair process), if it happens in the first 30 days of the warranty period, we will cover both ways shipping. If it happens after the first 30 days of the warranty period, then we would only cover return shipping (from our location to the customer’s location).


B. If the claim is filed within the warranty period and it was not our fault, for example, a different part or different circuit is damaged this time and it was not caused by our previous intervention with the ECM, or if the same part is damaged, but because of an external cause as defined below, then we will still cover the job and needed parts for servicing it again, but the customer would need to cover both ways shipping.




1. The ECM was soaked in water or any other liquid.

2. The ECM fell from a considerable height or was hit hard (ex. an accident), causing internal damages to the circuit.

3. Short circuit in the vehicle’s wiring or problems with the electrical system of the vehicle.

4. Battery polarity reversed.

5. The ECM was used in an application that the ECM is not intended for (different car, different make, model or different setup).

6. The ECM was tampered with, either by opening it or by connecting wires to the ECM’s terminals other than the ECM’s wiring harness.

7. The use of piggybacks – External modules connected to the ECM terminals in order to modify the received signals (mostly done for engine performance).

8. Broken warranty seals indicating tampering.


If the ECM fails again and the issue is not related to what we did, we can take a look at it and repair or correct the problem if possible at no charge to the customer, but shipping would need to be covered by the customer. We agree to correct any other problem that could appear in the module even if it is has nothing to do with our previous intervention or previous problem as long as it is possible and doable.

What other users are looking for:

Toyota écho 2005 drl module 


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What other users are looking for:

Toyota écho 2005 drl module 




Once we receive your ECM to be repaired or reprogrammed we will notify you and most of the time it will be serviced the same day.


After your ECM is completed, usually the next business day, we will also notify you and the unit will be shipped back.


The shipping details and a tracking number will be emailed to you as soon as shipping is done. You may also receive an SMS text message as an alternative way of letting you know in case the email fails to reach your inbox or in case it goes to the spam folder. For this, it is optional but recommended that you enter a mobile phone number when ordering, instead of entering a landline phone number.




There is a FREE shipping option (through USPS) for USA locations. The free option covers the USA mainland, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, and US Virgin Islands.


Delivery time for the offered free shipping option to USA locations will be 3 to 5 business days. On the other hand, the paid USPS and FedEx Express options for USA locations will be next business day for FedEx Priority or 2-3 business days when USPS Express or FedEx Economy are used.


The only exception about using FedEx to the USA locations is if the shipping address is a PO Box or an APO (Army Post Office box). We do ship to PO Boxes and APOs, but in those cases, shipping will be done through USPS, which would be USPS Priority Mail for the free option or USPS Express (Priority Express) for the paid option. USPS options will take slightly longer transit times than FedEx.


Depending on the case, units in warranty could also be shipped through USPS Priority.




At this moment we, unfortunately, have no free options for international locations and we hope we can offer some kind of free international shipping in the near future.


Import Customs clearance in the destination country may add one or more days to the delivery time when shipping to international locations (out of USA).




You can calculate the exact shipping rates available for your location with the provided calculator, shown in your cart when you Add-to-Cart any product or service. There is no need to log in or have an account for doing this.


It is important that the Country and postal code are entered for getting accurate rates. Please note that the rate calculation will often be way off (higher or lower) than the actual rate if the needed information is not entered or is not accurate when using the rate calculator, specifically, Country, Postal Code if available or City if Postal Code is not available in your location.


We DO NOT profit from shipping. Any rate shown by the provided calculator is passed to you directly from USPS and FedEx through our API connection (Application Programming Interface) to our accounts with both Companies. Any time they do any changes in prices, it will be automatically reflected in our calculator.


Thank you!

What other users are looking for:

Toyota écho 2005 drl module 


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