Easy investing from your smartphone free of charge and Get a FREE stock!

Would you like to try investing in stocks? You can start investing right from your smartphone. It costs absolutely NOTHING to install the application and signup. It even includes a FREE STOCK if you signup from our link in this article.

Investing gives you great opportunities for profiting in the long run, but ALSO in short time periods. If you are new to investing in the stock market or have never tried it, you may try it now without spending a dime. Any profit you make from your free stock is yours to keep. For this, we are using the Robinhood application.

Intimidated by Stock Market Investing?

While investing in stocks may sound intimidating for most people, it is so simple that lots of people without previous knowledge on investing or experience are profiting right now from it as you read this article. Buying and selling stocks, instead of intimidating, you will find out that it is a lot of fun!

What will I need to start?

1. A smartphone, either Android or iOS based.
2. Install the Robinhood application (FREE, available for Android and iOS).
3. A bank account from the USA or Australia (checking or savings).
4. Some cash to invest whenever you want to start buying stocks.

You may even watch your free stock go up and down first and see how it works before depositing any cash.

How much will it cost? How much do I need to deposit or spend?

It costs nothing. No fees, no commissions fees, no broker fees, nothing. About deposits, you will need to deposit money to buy stocks. How much? From $1 to a maximum of $5000. You set the amount you are comfortable with. If the stocks you like are $15 each, for example, and you wish to buy 10 stocks, you will need to deposit $150. That’s it. You may deposit more anytime you want to buy more of the same or any other stock. There are over 5000 different stocks in Robinhood.

How many stocks may I buy?

You may buy from 1 stock to as many stocks as you want, as long as your “buying power” allows it. “Buying power” is how much cash you have left in your Robinhood account.

May I use my credit card?

No. Unfortunately, investment can only be done with checking or savings accounts.

How much time does it take for my funds to be transferred from my bank account and be ready in Robinhood for buying stocks?

It is instant (up to $1000). Robinhood lends the amount in good faith until the bank completes the transaction. No interests at all are charged for this service.

Where is the Catch?

Is there any catch? Of course, there is. While investing is no science, you will need to use common sense when doing it.

You don’t need to be an investments guru or a financial advisor or anything like that to successfully profit from investing though. Just take a minute to analyze the company or companies you would like to buy stocks from by checking the graphs and data that is available through the Robinhood App. You will see the companies’ stock value history in periods of 1 day, 1 week, 1 Month, 3 months, 1 year and 5 years. That scope is large enough to give you an idea of how any company has been doing in the past 5 years and will allow you to decide if it is worth it to invest in that specific company or if it fits your investing plans for either long or short terms.

This is similar to desitions you make whenever you go shopping. You check the price of a merchandise, you analyze the features and determine if it is worth buying for whatever the purpose you have for it. But with stocks, the advantage is the opportunity of having a return on your investment, as stocks are “reusable” and like brand new each time.

With Robinhood, you are in full control all the time of your account, your money, and your assets. Other than that, there will be no surprise charges, no hidden fees, no monthly fees, no recurring fees, no obligations, no credit cards or credit checks required, no broker commission fees, and you may deposit funds to buy stocks whenever you wish and whatever amount you want to.

So, what’s in for me?

The benefit of profiting from an easy stock trading investing platform, literally at your fingertips and as advertised, you will also get a FREE STOCK if you use our link (you won’t get it if you register directly). Besides any profit you make out of your investments, you may also promote the Robinhood App like I am doing here and get a free stock everytime someone registers under your referral link.

And… What’s in for you?

For me, I only get a free stock everytime time someone register under my referral link in this article. Again, neither you or myself would get the free stock if you register directly to Robinhood. For the free stock, you will need to use my link. Other than that, I am just sharing the good news, as I am already easily profiting from stock investments.

I started with only $100 to “test the waters” so to speak and purchased only 6 stocks from 2 companies (4 stocks from one company and 2 stocks from the other). 12 hours later, I have already had a 6% total profit. It is not a lot out of $100, but it would be $300 in 12 hours if I could and would have invested $5,000. I would be able to sell the stocks and withdraw the money to my bank account or I would re-reinvest it (sell) for buying more of the same stocks or any other stock for increasing profit potential. $300 in 12 hours??? That would be $25 an hour. Does your job pay you that hourly rate? If it does, I bet that it demands a lot of energy from you, instead of being sitting relax while investing in stocks, which may only take a few minutes or as much as you would like. Sign up today! Check the wonderful world of investing we were all missing!

How to start? Any limits?

Of course, one single stock (the free stock given to you upon registration) will not take you very far. If you decide that you wish to try investing in the stock market, you may link your bank account and deposit whatever amount you wish for buying stocks. You may buy any of more than 5000 stocks available through the Robinhood application.

You may buy as low as one single stock, or any quantity you want to. You may also buy as many different stocks (different companies) as you wish. You can have a wishlist to keep watching specific stocks values closely (live). Once you buy stocks, the difference between what you deposited and what you used to buy the stocks, will be available for you to use in your Robinhood account as “Buying Power”. You may use it to buy more stocks, deposit more from your bank or withdraw it to your bank.

One thing I like about this application is that if I decide to add any amount from my checking account, it will be instantly available as “buying power” for buying stocks. I won’t need to wait the typical 2-4 business days to have the transaction completed. This upfront is possible up to $1000.

The only limit I know about so far, is that you can deposit to the application a maximum of $5000.

Investing in the long run

If there’s no rush, you may plan for profiting in the long run. That is, for example, you may identify companies you know are rock solid and have been like that for many years and buy stocks when their stock prices are going down or even when crashing. Why crashing? Because if it is a rock solid company and chances are that it will recover from the crash any time from months to years. This does not require buying lots of stocks, but enough to ensure that when it goes up, you make a good return on your investment.

Investing for short terms

If on the other hand, you wish to invest for profit in a short time period, this often will require investing a larger amount of money and choosing stable companies that are growing at the moment you invest in their stocks. That way, anytime their stock price goes up you earn money that you may withdraw by selling. If for example, the stocks you buy go up a 10%, which may happen in no time, you may sell and collect the profit, which would be $500 if you invested $5000. This may be done repeatedly for making an income or you may reinvest for getting more stocks and increase profit chances. As you can see, the disadvantage of short-term planning for effectively having a substantial profit is that it often requires investing high amounts of money. The benefit, of course, is that such term can be as low as a few days.

Investing in long and short terms

You may combine the two examples above and even combine other strategies by buying different stocks and observing their behavior in the market. That way you will have more data to make more accurate desitions.

Risking in Unknown Companies

There are stocks as low as a few dollars or less and there are stocks as high as hundreds of dollars or more. The important thing is that you invest in a company you like and know that it is a solid company and have been for years. Of course, you may take the risk of investing in unknown companies with very low stocks price which allows you to get many stocks with a relatively little investment, but investing in such companies, it would be more like gambling. Why? Because like in the casino, investing in those companies will either have a huge profit when stocks go significantly up in value or will have a loss if their stocks go further down and do not recover at all.

What if the market crashes?

We all have heard about crisis and tragedy in Wallstreet whenever there is a stock market crash. Like investors like to say, “Don’t follow the herd”. If the market crashes, you will have no loss at all. The value of your stocks goes down, but you will still have the same quantity of stocks. It will be an opportunity to buy more stocks at rock bottom prices. Of course, you may quit, sell what you have and withdraw that money back to your bank account and probably you won’t even lose a penny of your initial investment, but remember that investors only lose money when selling on a stock crashes. As long as you stay in the game, your stocks are yours. The only thing that went down was their value, their price, but keeping the stocks you already own, will entitle you to win and profit when a recovery comes. If you invested in┬ásolid companies, they will always recover and will do it sooner than later.

Chances are that they will recover from the crash at any time and that is when you will benefit the most if bought more stocks during the crash. It may take days, months and sometimes a couple of years, but when it happens, you’d better still be dribbling the ball to see the magic. Otherwise, you would be thinking over and over “if I would only haven’t sold those stocks”.


With the Robinhood application you have nothing to lose, but the rule anyway, is that the money you put aside for investing, should be money that you will not need for things like emergencies, paying debts or rent, medications, groceries, etc, It does not matter if it’s $5 or $100 or $5000 or any other amount you want to invest, you should ONLY invest money that you have specifically saved or put aside for investing.

No matter how promising your plan is and even if you manage to always make great profits from stocks, always have the rule to only invest money spared for that purpose. Investing money that you may need or will need soon is never a good idea and would be more like betting or gambling. Be safe.

You’ve got nothing to lose. Start today!



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