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2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Toyota RAV4 ECM / ECU Repair Service

2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Toyota RAV4 ECM / ECU Repair Service

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Warranty: 24 months

Ships until: 1 business day*

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* Business days that will approximately pass before this item can be dispatched.
[Updated on June 19, 2018]

NOTE: You may visit OUR NEW WEBSITE. It is mobile friendly and it is completely operated by us. We also have a feature to let the customer make offers by naming their price. If we accept your offer, a coupon would be emailed to you to match the price.
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This is a REPAIR AND RETURN SERVICE . Meaning that you send your faulty ECM to our location, it is repaired, reprogrammed and tested and then it is rushed back to you through any of the services we have available from USPS and FedEx. Shipping (return shipment) is done worldwide. We offer FREE USPS Priority Mail shipping (5-7 business days) to all 50 USA States and to Puerto Rico, USA Virgin Islands, Guam and other US Protectorates.

International locations (outside the USA) are served by FedEx. Canada can be served by FedEx (recommended) and USPS.


The 2001-2005 Toyota automatic Rav4 models, either 4WD or 2WD, are commonly having issues with the transmission and symptoms may suggest that the transmission needs repair or replacement. Many times, you will fill like your transmission is falling apart in these models, but the good news is that in 99% of the cases, the problem is a bad ECM (Engine Control Module) and we can fix it for good at a very affordable price. This ECM module controls the engine and the automatic transmission of your Toyota Rav4. We offer a professional solution for repairing and rebuilding the ECM and the job is backed by a 2-year warranty.

We started servicing 2001-2002 Toyota rav4 automatic transmission problems, then 2003 Toyota rav4 transmission problems and now we have extended our services to fix 2004 Toyota rav4 automatic transmission problems and for 2005 models too.


Q: There are many competitors, bringing this service. So you might be asking yourself, why sending it to us?

A: Simple. Because we go further than all our competitors to make sure that you will have the best experience with us and to make sure that this issue will not happen again to your vehicle. We do not only repair the problem, but we reprogram the ECM, fix minor issues that the customer might not even be aware of and finally, we rebuild the complete unit.

We constantly receive units that were previously worked out by our competitors. These units have been sent to us by unhappy customers, trying for a second time to fix their ECMs, because all previous service attempts failed. This is why we know of the poor job that many of our competitors do.

You may read more about this in the following article - 2001-2005 Toyota Rav4 transmission failure

How it works?

After you complete the order, you would need to uninstall (remove) your ECM from your vehicle (easily done, no mechanic needed), and mail it to our location. We repair, rebuild and reprogram the ECM and then it is returned to you and you will be ready to enjoy your car again in a way that you probably did not before.

Further below you will find a drawing with the location of the ECM

The following are the most common symptoms, but there are more symptoms not listed here:

-Hesitation or harsh shifting, specially in 3rd gear
-Shifting erratically
-Harsh engagement in reverse, often slamming into the gear
-Sometimes it feels like it is braking by itself
-Rattling, clicking or weird noise coming from the front of the vehicle when the engine is on
-One day it magically works ok and the other day, all the issues are back
-Issues show up only when cold or only when hot
-When stopping in a red traffic light and start moving again, it feels very heavy or sluggish
-Check engine or trouble codes are not present in most cases
-If check engine is present, it gives P0750, P0753, P0755, P0758 or P1760 codes
-In many cases, lower fuel economy than before


This issue will also affect:

-The 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 MANUAL transmission Toyota Rav4 ECMs. The most common issue with manual transmission models is lower fuel economy, but will also cause some other minor issues.

-The 2001, 2002 and 2003 Toyota Picnic and Toyota Avensis ECMs.

Besides the 2001-2005 Toyota Rav4, we are also servicing the ECMs of Toyota Picnic and Avensis described above.

This is something to be treated with urge! This will happen to ALL 2001-2005 Toyota Rav4, Picnic and Avensis ECMs. Some will fail soon and some others may take some more time. It all depends on use, vibration, temperature, altitude, relative humidity of your area and several other factors.

Once the ECM starts failing, the automatic transmission starts to be at high risk of getting damaged by this failure. Are you wondering if your vehicle is affected by this issue? Did you know that about 246,000 Rav4 units are affected by this issue in the USA alone? We can expect a total of more than half a million affected units worldwide. Your vehicle will fall on this list if it is a 2001-2005 Rav4, Avensis or Picnic from Toyota. We have found that some late 2000 models are affected too, as it uses the same ECM.

Below is a partial list of the Toyota part numbers affected. This number is shown in the label of the ECM. If the part number of your ECM is not on this list, you may contact us to make sure if your ECM is one of the affected units.














































Toyota Rav4 ECM part number in the label


Below is a picture showing the location of the ECM in the 2001, 2002 and 2003 Toyota Rav4:

Toyota Rav4 ECM location


The included warranty is shown at the top of this page, near the picture and title.


Our TAT is only one business day. This may extend to 2 business days when work load is high.

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Customer Reviews:
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Matthew Dickerson

"Just got the computer back after exactly one week of myself mailing it(Express both ways). Car works as intended again and a quick reinstall and drive showed zero issues with transmission. I am very happy that this service was able to quickly and economically repair a defect that would have otherwise sent my treasured RAV4 to the scrap heap. Prior to installation, transmission had some subtle change in function and noises that would be hard to notice, such as a large 'click' noise when shifting to reverse that would occur intermittently. Then, one day the car had problems with slippage while accelerating from stop and improper jerky shifting/ failing to shift in low-speed coasting/ driving. The next day after much research, I sent it in here. This is a essential service for any high-mileage RAV4. My 2001 at 183,000 when failure occured."

Rating: 5  of  5  Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Jon Lane

"A perfect transaction in every way. Car is back on the road after only a few days. Excellent customer service, immediate repair, fast return mailing. Couldn't be more pleased!"

Rating: 5  of  5  Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Terence Ishman

"Too bad we can't post 10 stars. You are the bomb!!!! I sent it on Monday and got it back on Friday. It ran rough for about 15 minutes ( to learn the transmission codes), then it started shifting like a champ. You are the best. Many Thanks."

Rating: 5  of  5  Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Alain EKO

"Thank you Richard for the prompt and swift repair of my Rav4 2002 ECM all the way from Cameroon.It looked like a crazy thing to do sending a delicate part all the way to Puerto Rico but Richard and his team got me smiling in less than a week(excluding customs n transit delays).Please do not hesitate to send your ECM to Otherdeal.My car now shifts great."

Rating: 5  of  5  Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Rossel Puerto

"I make the mistake of sending my ecm to be fix in Georgia the company is call myairbags they send my ecm back put it back in my car and my car didn't start I call myairbags to let them know they told me to send it back they checked the ecm and the say that it was ok that it was something wrong with my car, then a email Richard Rodrigues and he told me to send the ecm to then in Puerto Rico, he checked repaired an reprogrammed the ecm I got the ecm plug it and my car started and is shifting nice ... I recommend this company because they are honest and they know what their doing. Please don't send your ecm to myairbags . Thanks Richard for your help and honestly that speaks highly about you ."

Rating: 5  of  5  Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

tom perrin

"I own a auto repair shop in the state of Iowa. I read other reviews of pcm shops all had bad press, except for other no bad press found. I sent it to Puerto Rico. Richard always emailed and kept me updated. My friend took her rav to a really good tranmission shop to have the fluid exchanged, per my reccomendation. After they flushed the trans, the thing shifted terribly trying to ripitself apart. I sent in the PCM, turn over was fast and it fixed the problem with the Rav4. I must say I was skeptical at first. I will otherdeal first from now on. Thanks Richard, you are the man and your people too."

Rating: 5  of  5  Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 39 reviews)