Pay through PayPal -

All payments will be processed through PayPal, including major Credit Cards. Sometimes, some Credit Cards won't pass through PayPal for reasons unknown to us. If that is your case, please feel free to contact us so a different arrangement can be done, including Money Orders, Western Union or Money Gram transfers.

For International (non-USA) orders arranged to be paid by Money Order, it must be an International Money Order and currency must be in US Dollars. No other currency will/can be processed by our system if payment is done through a Money Order.

Online payments will not have this issue and may be done using any currency. It will automatically be converted to its equivalent in US Dollars through PayPal, at no charge.

Shipping Info - www.otherdeal.comShipping Info USPS -

We ship
Worldwide! If a tangible (non-digital) product is ordered and it is to be shipped within the United States or any of its Territories or Protectorates, it will be sent to you through one of the following methods that you may choose when doing the checkout:

1. USPS Priority Mail service (Domestic) 2-3 business days.

2. USPS Express Mail service (Domestic) from 1 to 2 business days.

Your order will be packed and shipped the same or next business day.

Insurance is available, but optional.

A tracking number will always be available.

Shipping charges will be automatically calculated at the checkout process, but can also be calculated from "My Cart" section, prior to making the order. It will NOT be an estimate of the shipping fees, but the exact amount that would be charged if the order is completed.

FedEx Shipments -

Domestic (USA) shipments can also be done through FedEx Priority or FedEx Economy services. These shipments will be optional on packages delivered to USA, including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam and other USA protectorates, but for International shipments (outside USA), FedEx Priority and FedEx Economy will be the only options.

FedEx Priority will usually take from 1 to 2 business days to arrive to its destination, while FedEx Economy might take from 5 to 6 business days to arrive. Whether FedEx Priority or FedEx Economy is used, it will be the choice of the customer.

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