Warranty / Returns

I. Warranty
Ia. All products we sell are covered by a warranty, as specified in the information page of each product. If the warranty term is not specified on any specific product, it is because it is covered by a default warranty term of one year.

Warranty will not be applicable if the product was intentionally or accidentally damaged because of misuse, abuse or being used in a different way than the item was meant to.
II. Returns / Refunds (Tangible Products)

IIa. If a product is ordered by mistake (wrong part number) and shipping has not be done yet, you can cancel your order by contacting us before shipping is done.

If the item was already shipped, it can be refunded as cash or as a store credit, or replaced by the right item, depending on customer's choice and availability of the right item. In these cases, shipping and insurance charges can NOT be refunded and if the right item is requested and available, (a) shipping charges must be covered by the customer and (b) the first item must be sent back and received, before shipping of the new one can be done. For this, a Return Authorization request (RMA) must be filled and submitted through this website, no later than 5 days after the first product is received by the customer. If the RMA request is approved, the customer will be notified through email and the first item must be immediately returned to us, unopened and unused. Please note that if the product is not received unopened and in the original package with all its accessories if apply, a replacement and / or refund will not be possible.

If in the above case, a refund is requested and the merchandise is returned to us, a 15% restocking fee will apply, calculated from the cost of the unit, paid by the customer.


IIb. If you order a product and decide you don't want it for any reason, it can be returned to us for a refund of the selling price, less a 15% of the cost restocking fee. For this, (1) the product(s) must be unused, (2) the product(s) must be unopened, (3) the product(s) must be 100% functional, (4) the product(s) must be returned with all parts, box(es) and / or accessories included in the original shipment and (5) it has not passed more than 5 days of receiving the product.

This policy will not apply to all products. The products which this policy will not apply to, will be noted that way in their respective information page.

IIc. The above section (IIb) of the Return policy is not applicable to all merchandise and may inadvertently vary without notice with products that are already covered. Also, this part of the Return Policy does not apply to any product sold on special offer or any digital (downloadable) product.

IId. If the product(s) i s scratched, broken, used or doesn't comply with any of the terms specified above on section IIb, it won't be possible for us to replace / refund the product.
III. Downloadable (Digital) Products
IIIa. Downloadable products do not apply for refunds, due to the fact that they are digital products and can not be "returned". If the customer have any problem completing the download, like in case of electrical power failure or any other reason that may interrupt or break the download connection and the 10 download times have been already met, please contact us and the download link will be reactivated for that customer in his / her account.
IV. Refunds of Shipping / Insurance Services
IVa. Shipping / Insurance charges are external services given by the USPS Post Office or any other delivery Company, which once given, are not refundable. We will refund shipping / insurance services in the sole case that an order is wrongly dispatched by a mistake on our behalf and either, (1) the right product is not or no longer available or (2) there is no replacement available for the needed product. In that case, we will issue a full refund, including shipping / insurance charges.

If the needed product is available, it will be shipped to the customer upon return of the first item. Shipping charges that the customer will incur for returning the first item to us, will be refunded to the customer.

The above explained will be possible only if the first item is returned unused and in original box with any included accessory(ies).
V. Type of Refunds
Va. All refunds can either be given as cash or a as a store credit with no expiration date, that can be used to buy any product or service on our store any time. It is customer's choice.
VI. Return Authorizations (RMAs)
VIa. Please, we can not accept any returned merchandise without authorization. Return Authorizations can be filed and submitted by selecting "Return Authorizations" from the "Information" menu at the left hand column on this website, or going directly to the link below. Upon approval, we will contact you with further instructions for mailing back to us the merchandise to be replaced or refunded.

Return Authorizations

Note: You must be logged into your account in order to file an RMA.