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About Us
We are located in USA and have been providing goods to our dear customers for several years since 2002 through online markets like eBay, and now we are online on our own store. We have also partnered with other providers so we can offer a wider variety of products. Because of that, there might be occasions that you will be automatically redirected to a website of one of our partners for acquiring the product, but in the majority of the cases, you will be able to do the checkout with us.

Most of the times, the merchandise you buy from us will be shipped from our local inventory, while some other times it will arrive directly from other warehouses of our partners. In the later case, the goods might take a few extra days to arrive.
Online Security (SSL)
Your payment and personal information will always be secure with us. All sensitive data is automatically encrypted and completely private. Our SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is installed and up to date and will protect your information from prying eyes.

Whenever you enter in a private or sensitive area, you will see the secure web automatically activated. You will know by seeing "https://" instead of "http://" in your browser at the address bar. You will also see in a lock, near the address bar in some browsers, like the Internet Explorer browser for example.
Visitors Cart
Your "Visitor's Cart" session will last about 50 minutes. If there is no activity after that time period, your cart will be reset and your selections will not be available. To avoid this, please login or register for FREE and your cart's contents will remain forever until you decide to checkout or delete it.

If at any moment you are in the "Visitor's Cart" and decide to login, and the previous session is still alive, the products added to the "Visitor's Cart" will be merged with the ones existing already in your "Members Cart" from past visits, where checkout was not completed. Just verify all the products and quantities in your cart before checking out.
All downloads are instant and should be available as soon as payment is received. When you complete your payment through PayPal or Credit Card (through PayPal too), the web page will automatically take you to the "success" page in your account. There will be a table and inside that table, your download will be available by clicking on the "download" button.

If you do not wish to download your product at that time, if you are in a public computer for example, later on, you will be able to download the product by logging in OtherDeal.com, going to your account on the "My Account" button, and there will be a table listing all the purchases you have done with us. Just search for the specific product you wish to download and click on the "view" button. The table where the download button for that specific product is, will show along with some other information, including how many days and download times are still available for that specific purchase.

All downloadable products will be available for 365 days and can be downloaded up to 10 times. All products are compressed into a "zip" format, making it smaller for easier download. You will need any "zip" software to uncompress it. Such software is free and there are several brands available, like "UltimateZip", "WinZip", and so on. There is more than 95% possibility that a software for this is already installed in your system, as it is a standard in computers now a days.

Documents like manuals or diagrams are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), which is also a standard now a days in computer systems. If you do not have it, you can download it and install for free from Adobe Reader. Another good one is the Foxit PDF reader, which also have a free version that can be obtained from Foxit Reader

Should you have any problem, question or concern about the downloads, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than glad to help.
When a service is purchased, as soon as the payment is processed, the page will automatically take you to the "success" page on your account, and there will be more information on where you should send the unit to be serviced. As soon as we receive the unit, the job will be done the same or next day, and it will be shipped the next business day.

The address where to send the unit to be serviced is not always the same. It can be any among four addresses (in the same location here), depending on the work load of each area. That is why the address is not published until the order goes through and the payment is done, where the system will automatically choose the next available area.
Other Payment Methods
Besides PayPal and Credit Cards through PayPal, we can accept Money orders from MoneyGram or WesternUnion, or money transfers from any of both Companies. You should then, register at OtherDeal.com, send us an email with the details of the product you wish to purchase, we will send you back the information through email about the address where to send or transfer the payment and upon arrival of the payment, we will send you a code which will be valid for the same amount you sent to us, so you can complete the purchase by entering such code when doing the checkout at OtherDeal.com. It must be done that way so it figures in both, our records and in your account with us.

If sending a Money Order through mail, please make it in US Dollars. Otherwise we will not be able to receive it. Also, please contact us before sending it, so we can give you the information on whom to make the check payable to.
Your Email
Please, make sure that you enter the right email upon registration. Failing to do so, will result in difficulty to contact you, send you news letters, let you know of specials or send you any activation key a software you bought might require. Also, for instructions or support, it is very important that we have the correct email.

Not less important is that you check your spam filter always. Our servers are certified and your email server should not reject our emails, but sometimes it happens and other reason for it to happen is if your inbox is too busy or crowded, in a way that your email server will not accept new emails until a clean up is done.

Please, help us serve you better by taking in account these simple details. Thank you.