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2005 - 2007 Toyota Corolla Immobilizer Virgin Dump

2005 - 2007 Toyota Corolla Immobilizer Virgin Dump

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Immobilizer reset. This is a virgin dump for the ECM of the 2005, 2006 and 2007 Toyota Corolla.

What is this? - This is the software (code) that goes inside the immobilizer chip, located in the ECM, for resetting the Immobilizer system (security), so the vehicle accepts your current, used or new keys. Once you write this code in the immonilizer EEPROM chip (95040), it will be in auto reguster mode, where it will register the keys you have for starting the engine. This file will be instantly available for downloading after the purchase is made.

Will this fix any other problem? - No, this will make the ecm ready to start with your keys if it was repaired, remanufactured, sourced from a recycler, junkyard or any other source like eBay.  Instructions are included in the download.

For using this, you will need an EEPROM programmer and an SMD SOIC-8 clip for writing the EEPROM either in-circuit or off-circuit. The EEPROM programmer can be any inexpensive type, able to accept serial EEPROMs like the 93c56, 93c66, 24c02, 25020, 25080, etc. and the clip is sold by the 3M Company and the Pomona Company, with a cost around $15.

The clip is known as an SMD SOIC-8 clip and can be acquired at online electronic catalogs like The target EEPROM on this case is the 95040 EEPROM.

3M SOIC-8 SMD Clip
Pomona SOIC-8 SMD Clip

You take out the ECM from your vehicle, open it, locate the small 8-legged (pins) chip and reprogram it by writing the included code and then you are ready to reinstall the ECM back in your vehicle and drive it with your existing old, used or new keys. No soldering/desoldering needed. That is the purpose of using the SOIC-8 clip. This code can be used as many times as you wish, as the EEPROM is completely re-programmable and also you can do this on as many vehicles as you wish, making it ideal for selling the service of clearing or resetting the 2005 - 2007 Corolla ECM.

Immobilizer EEPROM in-circuit reprogramming

This includes the code for programming the chip and general instructions. Programmer and clip are not included. Please note that this package is intended for technical personnel.

SOIC-8 Clips, "Pomona" brand, can be obtained from in the link below.


Because a wiring harness is needed to use the clip, you may construct your own. It is not difficult, but you may also obtain complete assembled kits from several sources, like the one shown below.

SOIC-8 Assembled Kit

Lastly, you will need a serial EEPROM programmer to read/write the EEPROM chips with the file you will download from here. While there are both, expensive and non-expensive units available, what is really important is that such unit is able to work with the target device or devices (EEPROMs). Below are two examples of good programmers.


MCUMALL - PRO GQ-4X Willem Programmer

Note: This is for vehicles WITHOUT a separated immobilizer module or immobox. The illustrations above are for tools or accessories needed, but are not included. This is a download of the needed file for writing the EEPROM. In this model, you WILL NEED to bridge the crystal oscillator to read or write the EEPROM in circuit.

This is an INSTANT download. As soon as purchased, the download will be available from your account with

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