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2005 - 2007 Toyota Corolla Immobilizer Reprogramming

2005 - 2007 Toyota Corolla Immobilizer Reprogramming

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Warranty: 12 months

Ships until: 1 business day*

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* Business days that will approximately pass before this item can be dispatched.

This is a service for reprogramming the immobilizer system of your automatic 2005, 2006 and 2007 Toyota Corolla.

***Please, check an IMPORTANT notice below in a red frame, about shipping for Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia customers.***

Did you buy an used or recycled Corolla computer (ECM, ECU or Engine Control Module) and your Corolla is not starting now? Security light turned on or flashing?

This happens because the immobilizer, which is an anti-theft system, incorporated in your Toyota Corolla, is seeing different codes between your keys and the ECM. Of course, an used ECM will have the codes of the previous owner's keys and will not match yours. This situation will prevent your car from starting. We can reprogram your ECM so it accepts your keys. Send to us your ECM. The job will be done in 1-2 business days and it will be immediately shipped back to you.

When you receive back your ECM, just reinstall it in your Corolla vehicle, put the key in the ignition and leave it in OFF position for 10 seconds. After that, you are ready to start the engine and enjoy your Corolla again.

What is done to your ECM?

Your ECM is carefully and professionally reprogrammed for resetting the immobilizer. We use tools, connectors and software specialized for this. That way, the immobilizer will be in auto-register mode, registering your keys automatically when you reinstall the ECM in your vehicle.

Your ECM is safe with us. No modifications to your ECM are done, nor any parts are replaced or removed from it. This is a clean programming service.

A one-year warranty is also included on this service.

This service will cover all 2005-2007 Corolla ECUs with numbers in the following format:

  • 89661-02C1x
  • 89661-02D0x
  • 89661-02K2x

    NOTE: This service is for vehicles WITHOUT and external immobilizer module or immobox.


    Q. Why would I choose your service among any other available?

    A. Because it is both, professional and inexpensive. This service is offered as an alternative, so customers do not need to pay the regular high prices for these type of services. Competitors charge much more for a similar service, which I can account that will NOT be as professional as ours. Also, going to the dealer is the last option you should consider, because if the dealer doesn't have the needed equipment (many do not have it), the only thing they can do is charge you for a new ecu (more than $1000), plus possible new keys.

    Q. What is the immobilizer (also misspelled "immobiliser", "imobiliser", "imobilizer" or just "immo")?

    A. The immobilizer is an automotive theft deterrent system, incorporated in most modern cars since around 1996. There are different methods used for this system, but newer ones include a transponder key (your car key with a chip inside), a transponder amplifier / processor (inside the ignition lock) and a processing circuit, either external to the ECM (immobox) or inside it.

    The transponder key has an unique code that will be transmitted to its processing circuit via radio frequency (radio waves) and then will be matched to a code written in the immobox or in the ecu itself. If it matches after using some secret algorithms, the ecu will have an "OK" to start the engine. Otherwise, it will either cut fuel, ignition or both. The starter will still be allowed to operate in most models.

    Q. What is a transponder key?

    A. It is a car key that has an electronic chip inside its plastic handle and is electromagnetically powered by the "antenna" inside the ignition lock, which will also serve for communication between the key and the system for codes interchange.

    Q. Where is my computer or ecu located?

    A. The ecu in these Toyota models, is located below the glove compartment. It is a metallic box, with numbers in the following format; "89661-02D0x", "89661-02K2x" and "89661-02C1x". Examples are: "89661-02D02", "89661-02K20" and some others.

    Q. What is exactly done to my computer?

    A. We do not add or remove anything from your computer. We use special connectors and software to read/write the codes to your ecu.

    Q. Will this void any of my vehicle warranties?

    A. Absolutely not. The process is completely safe for the computer and is within the vehicle specifications. No alterations to the original design or specifications is done.

    Q. How long will the service take?

    A. The turnaround of the job is mostly one day. It may take two days when work load is high.

    Q. What shipping services you use?

    A. We currently use USPS Priority Mail and Express Mail domestic or international service. The cost can be accurately calculated when you add the item to your cart and click on the "Calculate Shipping" button.

    Q. Do you ship to XXX Country?

    A. We offer this service to all locations. Items can shipped from and to any place in the world.

    Q. Do you offer any warranty?

    A. Sure. We offer a written one year warranty on this service.

    Q. How is this service requested? How do I proceed and do the payment?

    It's a 1-2-3. You; (1) purchase the service, (2) ship to us your Corolla engine computer (ecu / ecm) to be reprogrammed and (3) after it is reprogrammed, we will immediately ship it back to you, using the shipping service you chose when purchasing the service.

    For purchasing the service, you will need to register (free) at After successfully registering, just browse for this page and add the product to your shopping cart, by clicking on "Add to Cart". From the shopping cart, you will be able to select and calculate shipping method and charges (for sending the unit back to you) before doing the checkout. You will be driven a few steps until checkout is done.

    At checkout, you will be taken to PayPal secure website for processing the payment. Once the payment is successfully done, you will be taken back to a "success" page with information on where to send the unit to be worked out. We are located in USA.

    If you wish, you may also pay with Money Order, sent to us along with your computer to be reprogrammed. If you prefer this way, please email us through the contact form on this website for information and instructions

    IMPORTANT: Worldwide orders are accepted, but if you are sending your ECM to us for repair from Europe, Asia, Africa or Australia, we highly recommend to use iFedEx, UPS or DHL. We DO NOT recommend using any other services on this specific case. Otherwise, Customs brokerage fees of $200 may apply and must be collected (charged to the customer) before the ECM is returned. With FedEx, UPS or DHL, this will not happen.

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  • Customer Reviews:
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    Ethan Brown

    "My corolla died because of a damaged computer and I bough the computer at ebay and when I received the item the car wouldn't start. I complained to the seller and he told me to return it and after one more week and a half, he sent another computer. Guess what? That one did not start the car either! I was so mad with this situation when the seller told me that the computer is supposed to be programmed to run in my car because of my keys. !!! Why he did not tell me until now? They had a very good price but looks like they know nothing about what they are selling. Indeed that was the problem. I sent the computer to these people and they reprogrammed the immobilizer circuit and now my car is running at last! Thank you guys. If it were not that you helped me I though that the car would never run again. You were also kind and worked fast. I am giving you the deserved 5 stars."

    Rating: 5  of  5  Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

    Barry Evans

    "Was told that check engine may turn on on some cars because of the VIN number. Mine was one of them, but besides that everything works fine. Now my keys work with my used computer as advertised."

    Rating: 4  of  5  Stars [4 of 5 Stars]

    John Pattrick

    "My friend, I really owe you more than that! Every one turned me down on this and was about to pay HUGE bucks until I found your store. Really appreciate it."

    Rating: 5  of  5  Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

    Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)