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93 - 94 VW Jetta / Golf AT / MT 2.0L Racing Chip

93 - 94 VW Jetta / Golf AT / MT 2.0L Racing Chip

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Warranty: 12 months

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This is a high performance Power-ROM racing chip, specially designed for the 1993 and 1994 VW Jetta / Golf, 2.0L engine, using either Automatic (A/T) or Manual (M/T) transmission.
The program on this chip was modified for optimal power gains, obtainable from a good maintained, stock engine. Fuel and Ignition curves were also optimized and more aggressive. This chip also, allows to obtain the best out of a cool air / ram air intake kit, along with a high flow air filter like K&N racing filters. The revlimiter was raised up to 7000 RPMs, so advantage of the settings on this chip could be enjoyed better.
This chip will only fit the following Jetta / Golf car computers (ecu / ecm):
037 906 258 AA
1993 and 1994 VW Jetta / Golf 2.0L High Performance Chip

This chip can NOT be used on any boosted engine, like Turbo or Super Charger. Neither it is recommended the use of Nitrous Oxides (NO2 or NOS). The revlimiter is raised at least 800 RPMs more than usual as this chip is expected to be used in a "healthy engine". If your engine is worn out or if it have lubrication problems, it is recommended NOT to use this chip at so high RPMs, Instead, it may be used, but should be kept at a maximum of 6200 RPMs.

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