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89- 94 Suzuki Swift GT / GTi 1.3L DOHC Performance Chip

89- 94 Suzuki Swift GT / GTi 1.3L DOHC Performance Chip

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Warranty: 12 months

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[Updated on November 28, 2017]

High performance Chip for 89-94 Suzuki Swift GT/GTi 1.3L.

Do you still have one of these cars? Yes? We don't blame you! We had one of these ourselves and I can tell you that for off-road and modifications, it is simply one of the bests :-)

We are sure you will be satisfied with the results obtained as soon as you install this chip! As most of our customers say, "I bought it to use it off-road and some times only, but once I installed the chip and drove my car, I no longer like to drive it without the chip..."

This chip will do good things to your stock engine, but it will be good (an possibly better) for rally racing. It fits models from 1989 through 1994 1.3L DOHC, G13B models. Yes, you read right, 1989 through 1994 (MK2 and MK3). Both ECUs use a different chip, but the same program, so we made it to switch automatically when installed. MK2 ECUs (the 1989-1991 part) and MK3 ECUs (the 1992-1994 part) won't notice the difference and both ECU families will work right with this chip.

A 28-pin socket is included, as we recommend not to directly solder the chip in the circuit board. Using a socket makes it easy to swap chips, maybe for "performance" some times and maybe for "cruising" some other times. The included socket is a standard socket, so if you already have a socket installed in your ECU, it will work well too. Just insert the new chip. Detailed installation instructions are also included.


  • Fuel and Ignition Tables were remapped and optimized for producing more horsepower and torque.
  • Revlimit (Red line) was raised up to 8600 RPMs (no more 7200 RPM cuts)
  • Speed governor was eliminated to allow the vehicle reach its maximum natural speed (no more 110-120 Km limits).


(1) This chip will ONLY fit any of the following Suzuki ECU computers:

33920-64Bxx (MK2)
33920-64Exx (MK3)

(2) You must use at least US 91 Octane fuel (R+M/2) or Europe RON 95 fuel.

(3) This chip was NOT designed to be used on Turbo or any other boosted application. Booster application will require even more fuel that the fuel programmed in this chip and possibly larger capacity injectors.

(4) We have been asked this many times :-) - No, this chip will not fit 1995 models.

Power-ROM :: Unleash the Power!!! Suzuki Swift Gt/Gti Performance Chip

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Are these chips vehicle or application specific?

A. Yes. It will only work with the models or applications listed here in this page.

Q. What other modifications are supported by this chip?

A. Any intake or exhaust modification will be wonderful using this chip, especially cold and ram air modifications. Modifications not recommended are fuel delivery modifications that inject more fuel than the stock settings, which is the base used for calculating the programming of the chip. For example, larger injectors or extra injectors installed, higher fuel rail pressure, turbo or using nitro (NO2 or NOX).

Q. How can I identify my computer?

A. To identify your computer (ECU), you must look at the computer's top cover label. The number should be similar to the following format:


Q. Where is the ecu located?

A. The ECU in the 89-94 Suzuki Swift is located at the driver's side, bellow the dash. Please check the picture bellow for reference:

89-94 Suzuki Swift ecu location :: Power ROM performance chips

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Jeffrey White

"i think that i have seen a chip for swift on every corner on the internet but this one really does the job. im glad a gave it a try."

Rating: 5  of  5  Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

M. Batir

"merce ok utente preciso+++++++++++++++++"

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Jules Tremblay


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Chris Whittle

"clear fitting instructions. well packaged. thanks"

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Mario Eichinger

"Alles bestens gerne wieder! ---- TOP!----"

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Apostolos Tsesmetzhs


Rating: 5  of  5  Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 9 reviews)