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2005-2007 Toyota Corolla Immobilizer Virgin EEPROM

2005-2007 Toyota Corolla Immobilizer Virgin EEPROM

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This is an Immobilizer Reset EEPROM chip for the 2005, 2006 and 2007 Toyota Corolla.

2005 2006 2007 Toyota Corolla 95040 Immobilizer EEPROM

What is this? - This is a replacement chip for your Corolla ECM to make it work with your current keys, either new or used. If you purchased an used ECM form eBay or from a junkyard or from any recycler or other source where the ECM computer is not brand new, it will need to be "Reset" or reprogrammed to accept your current keys. Just remove the old chip and install this one and your ECM is ready to run your Corolla with your keys.

An ECM Reset can be done by reprogramming the immobilizer EEPROM, located in the ECM's circuit, but there is an easier alternative, which is replacing the existing chip with this already programmed chip.

The advantage of this is NO need of programmers, NO special SMD clips, NO wiring or any special hardware and skips the hassle of trying to program the chip yourself. Yet, if you still want to program the chip yourself, we offer the file needed for download in the link below:

2005-2007 Toyota Corolla Immobilizer Virgin Dump

This solution is as easy as desoldering the current chip (8-leads or pins) and putting this one on its place. After that is done, just reinstall the ECM in your car, put your key in the ignition switch WITHOUT turning it, wait 10 seconds and your Corolla will start and run as normal again. Detailed instructions will be included in the package. An article in the link below will also show more information on the process of replacing the chip:

Simple Immobilizer EPROM Removal and Replacement

Will this fix other problems of the car? - No, this is not intended to fix any problem other than make the ecm to work with your existing keys if it was repaired or remanufactured or if it is used, sourced from a recycler, junkyard or any other source like eBay.

You will NOT need an EEPROM programmer for doing this job. The EEPROM sold here is an already programmed 95040 chip.

Included are; Programmed EEPROM chip for 2005-2007 Corolla and detailed instructions.

NOTE: This product is for vehicles WITHOUT and external immobilizer module or immobox.

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