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1994 Infiniti Q45 4.5L V8 ECM A18-B18-PB7

1994 Infiniti Q45 4.5L V8 ECM A18-B18-PB7

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Warranty: 3 months

Ships until: 1 business day*

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* Business days that will approximately pass before this item can be dispatched.

Here we have for sale an used 1994 Infiniti Q45 ecm (car computer). This ecm computer was tested on the proper vehicle and it is working great. The included DOA warranty term is stated in the information box above.

This ecm is not equipped with an immobilizer, as it is not used on these models. That means that you get it, install it and you are ready to drive your car again. Solve all problems that may arise from a faulty ecm by installing one of these parts.

Get it here for a fraction of its retail price while they last! We have a very limited supply and we might not be getting more of these or at least at such a low peice!

The part number of this Infiniti Q45 ecm is A18-B18-PB7 (C3) and it will fit most 1993-1994 models.

used 1993 and 1994 Infiniti Q45 ecm (car computer) 4.5L V8 VH45DE

Do you need to replace your car computer? Have an annoying problem or erratic behavior presented by your vehicle, but it is intermittent and no mechanic has been able to find or fix it?

Did you know that it could be caused by a faulty ecm (also ecu or car computer)?

And no wonder, since these days the ecm is responsible for everything that happens in your car's engine. It takes care of ignition timing and distribution (yes, cars no longer use a distributor nor points and blades), it takes care of fueling (yes, no longer a carburator is used), it also takes care and replaces the function of many accessories that are part of the past now, and yes, it even takes care of the security (anti-theft).

Replace it now and get rid of that annoyance once for ever!

We have discounted and done everything we can, in order to offer a superior quality unit, still at a very affordable price, if not the best price on the Internet.

You no longer need to pay extra to get your car up and running again!


  • We have a low shipping fee through USPS Priority Mail service and though insurance is optional, it is recommended.
  • We ship Worldwide and International shipments (Non-USA) may be calculated by adding the item to your cart (no obligations).
  • Please, before ordering, make sure your ecu number matches the number of the ecu offered on this page. If it doesn't match, please contact us before ordering for confirming compatibility.
  • If the number of the ecu is not shown here, it is because the reference can be done by car model and year alone and not strictly by the ecu number. In that case, any special guide or information, if necessary, will be shown here in the product information page.

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