About Us

This website is used as the portal for other websites associated with us in any way, like OtherDeal.com and TechnicalDomain.Net.

Please feel free to visit any of our websites. We may have the product or service you are looking for or you may find the information you are searching for.

Other Websites

We are constantly including and developing other websites for different purposes. At this moment other websites that we or any of our partners own, are all in the development stage and will be published here when finished. Below are some examples.


Learnkeys.com will be an online IT certificate, tests, and general IT educational website. It will have the ability to give exams online to students and send certificates through the mail. All courses will be available from Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, EC Council, Mac, Adobe, CIW and more. We are planning to even give PC repair courses. Stay tuned!


2-Order.com will be basically an eCommerce website, dedicated to household, beauty, kitchen, bath, accessories and other domestic products. 2-Order.com will be focused on the lowest prices for such products by outsourcing them from various suppliers.


Dogssy.com will be another eCommerce website and will focus on pets accessories, toys, entertainment and health products, especially for dogs.


Catssy.net will be much like Dogssy.com above, but obviously, it will focus on cat products, like cat litter boxes, cat toys, and more cat stuff.


Like its name, Offerize.com will focus on offers of any type, like discounts, coupons, limited time specials, etc. This domain is still in debate if it will be used or sold. If you happen to be interested in such a great domain, please contact us with your offer any time. Please note that if you make an offer when the website has been already started to be built, we might not accept any offer.